Make Money by Reselling Products in India !

Starting an e-commerce store or even a dropshipping store takes a great deal of effort and money.  But there is indeed another way to make some money, which is by reselling products. The good part of it is that you do not need a single penny to get started.

Reselling is exactly like dropshipping, the only difference is that you do not have to set up a store and all other hard kinds of stuff that you do with dropshipping.

You only need a Bank account, Mobile Phone, and an Internet connection to get started. You also do not need any PAN card or any other documents which is great news for students who want to make some pocket money.

So I will explain to you how this all works!

There are about 5-10 apps on the Play store that provide this service. I will be giving you the best 3 apps from them, which I have personally tested and used.

So, find a product from the store that is worth selling or you think might sell well. These products will have an wholesale price. You can edit the price of them and add it to the free store that the app creates for you. Just share the link on all the social media platforms.

You would probably be thinking about how the hell are people gonna trust your store when there are Flipkart and Amazon?

Well, if you have a unique product with a fairly low price, most people will buy, and moreover, cash on delivery is available with an option to return the product which is more than enough for most customers.

Payment :

When a customer buys a product through online payment, the app or the company keeps the wholesale price and the margin or the profit is credited to your bank account. The same happens with COD, where the company keeps their share and credits the rest to your bank account.
You will have to add in your bank account details to get paid.

If you don’t want a store and want to sell directly to customers then you can do it by sharing the product on WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media accounts. when you sell directly, you will be the person who will be placing the order for the customer with their address.

When you do like this, there are 2 ways by which you can receive payments.

The first way is by receiving the payment directly from the customer and placing the order in the wholesale price. And the second way is by placing the order as cash on delivery, this is better because you do not need to handle the payments.

I recommend you start an Instagram page for promoting these products. You can use this strategy to get about 3000 followers in one month on Instagram. I have used these exact same steps to grow my Instagram account to 2500 followers in just one month.
You can also use a Whatsapp Business account to promote the products.

If you have the right product to sell, you would definitely make a sale within your first month or even in your first week.
Here are the best 3 apps that provide these services and help you get started:-


This is the app that I personally love and use. It’s better than the others because you have the option to sell your products either directly or through a store that the app creates for you.

SignUp for Glowroad (Use Code THES655SWI and get Rs.200)


Wooplr gives you a free store like Glowroad but you can’t place orders on behalf of your customers. The thing that makes Wooplr unique from others is that you get Rs.10 for every 100 views on your store.


Meesho, Unlike the other two, doesn’t provide you with a store. You will have to place each order on behalf of your customers. This can get tedious once you start getting many orders.

Sign Up on Meesho (Use code KUQLJCV592)

So That’s It! Even if you do not get any sales in the first 2 weeks, Be patient and Try different types of products.