Fastpages vs Clickfunnels: Which one Should You Choose?

Every single online business or company needs a sales funnel to convert their traffic into customers. In order to build these funnels, we need funnel builders.

Fastpages and Clickfunnels are just two of them and we will be discussing them in this article.

Out of these two, Which one should you choose?

Fastpages and Clickfunnels are both great funnel builders with their own ups and downs. I would recommend Fastpages if you are someone who is just starting and have only a limited budget to invest. However, if you are an expert or have money to invest, Clickfunnels would be your best bet.

Let’s find out more about these tools in this article.

What is Fastpages?

Fastpages is a simple and a fast landing page builder. It’s a perfect choice for beginners.

Fastpages as the name suggests markets itself as the fastest page builder on the internet and it does live up to those claims for a certain extent.

Fastpages Features

Some features of Fastpages are

1. Simple Landing page builder

Fastpages has a very simple landing page builder which you can master within minutes. You can create a fully functional website with fastpages.

Fastpages landing page builder

It’s perfect for digital marketers to promote affiliate products, services, their own products etc, to their audience.

Like every other page builder, the editing can be done in sections. Each section does also have a lot of pre-made templates that you can choose.

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2. Fast Website

The website or the landing page build with Fastpages turned out to be quite fast when I looked it up on Pagespeed Insights.

Normally, a typical WordPress website scores anywhere from 50-80. I was surprised to see that this landing page had a score of 94, which is absolutely great.

Studies reveal that if the speed of a landing page is increased by just 1 second, it can boost conversion by 7%! Yeah, That’s the importance of pagespeed.

3. Page templates

There are a lot of pre-made page templates that you can use. It makes development a lot more faster and easier.

There are about 36 different templates that are ready to use as of writing this review. They may add more in the future.

Each of these templates serves different users and purposes. Some categories include the webinar page, course, quiz, ebook etc.

4. Integrations

Fastpages does allow you to integrate with other tools with the help of Zapier. That means you could integrate it with more 1000s of applications.

It can also integrate directly with some email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Moosend.

To receive payments through your website, Fastpages currently only integrates with Stripe.

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Fastpages Pricing

Fastpages is one of the few page builders online that has a one-time fee. Most of the tools do not have this and that can be a big problem if you are just beginning your online journey.

It also has a monthly plan which starts at $49/month but I believe it’s not worth it and you should probably consider the lifetime deal.

The lifetime deal costs just $197 and you get to keep the software for your entire life.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is one of the most used and popular online sales funnel builder. It has hundreds and thousands of users.

There are people inside the Clickfunnels community who have generated more than a million dollars from a single sales funnel.

Clickfunnels is a proven software and has been operating for over 6 years.

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Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnel is feature-rich. It has almost everything you will ever need to start building funnels and making money from it.

Some of the features include:-

1. Different Variety of Funnel Templates

Clickfunnels has over 22 different variety of funnel templates. Any funnel that you intend to make will surely be on this list.

Each of these templates has its own functionalities. You can know more about these templates by clicking on them and reading the description or watching the video.

2. Drag and Drop Page Builder

Clickfunnels has one of the best page builders on the internet. It lets you build pages without the need for coding.

They also do provide a large gallery of templates which you can literally edit and use. You can also start one from scratch.

Clickfunnels also offer split testing which allows you to create 2 funnels and find the one which is the most profitable.

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3. Email marketing tool

Clickfunnels has an integrated email marketing tool. This is a pretty decent one but it cannot compete with standalone tools like Getresponse, Aweber etc.

The email marketing tool does contain automations, autoresponder, email broadcasts, follow-up funnels etc

Follow-up funnels allow you to send emails based on how your visitors interact with your website. You can get really deep into marketing if you implement follow-up funnels correctly

However, there is a small problem. This feature only comes in the platinum membership which costs $297/month.

To be frank, paying for the platinum membership isn’t worth it if you are a beginner. So, it’s always better to use an alternate email marketing tool like ActiveCampaign or Getresponse and then just integrate it with Clickfunnels.

4. Membership Area

The membership area of Clickfunnels is an awesome feature.

It allows you to make a membership area where you can provide exclusive content to your customers.

For example:- If you have a photography course and you intend to sell it. Clickfunnels has a membership area, where your content can be uploaded and will only be accessible if a customer purchases for the required fee.

This is how most online marketers sell their courses.

5. Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels has its own affiliate program which pays you for each customer you refer to.

For digital marketers, this might be one of the best affiliate programs that they can get. They offer a 40% commission for each sale.

Clickfunnels also has other products like the One Funnel Away Challenge, Expert secrets book, DotCom Secrets and much more. These products have a different commission structure for each of them.

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6. Marketplace and Share Funnels

Share funnels is an exclusive feature of ClickFunnels which allows you to share your funnels with other fellow marketers or friends.

Share funnels also help you in promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate. For instance, when you promote ClickFunnels, you could share your funnel with your audience. If your visitor is not a ClickFunnels member and wants your shared funnel, he/she could just click the link. This will allow them to create an account and after that, the funnel would be transferred to them. This way you can receive higher commissions.

Clickfunnels also provides a marketplace where the users of Clickfunnels can sell their sales funnel. Some funnels are really pricey, but there are free ones too.

7. Affiliate program for your product/funnel (ClickFunnels BackPack)

Once you make a funnel promoting a particular product, you can allow people to sign up as affiliates for that product.

This is a smart feature and will surely skyrocket your earnings. This is the best way to market your product because it doesn’t need any money upfront.

You only pay your affiliates when they make a sale for you. This way you won’t need to pay for ads and other paid traffic methods.

You also have the power to set the commission rates for your affiliates. it can be 5%, 10%, 20%, all the way up to 100%.

One disappointing thing to note is that this feature is only available for the Clickfunnels Platinum package. It would have been great if they provided them in the basic package too.

This is the only reason why I would slightly suggest someone to opt for the Clickfunnels Platinum.

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ClickFunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels basically has two plans.

With Clickfunnels Platinum, you get some powerful features such as a complete email marketing tool, Clickfunnel Backpack (Affiliate program for your funnels) and other small features.

However, Clickfunnels allows integration with a lot of platforms. So, the Clickfunnels basic package will definitely be the choice of beginners.

Here is a side by side comparison between the two:-

Clickfunnels also has a 3rd plan which I have not included in this post because it cost a whopping $2500/month and I believe that’s not at all worth it.

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Fastpages Vs Clickfunnels: In a Nutshell!

Clickfunnels when compared with Fastpages has a lot of features. However, most of the features are only included in the $297/month plan.

For that price, you could get a one-time deal for Fastpages and still be left with a $100 in your pocket.

Moreover, if you compare the basic plan of Clickfunnels with that of Fastpages, you get almost the same features on both of them.

Anyway, Here are some of the key differences between the two.

Dedicated landing page builderDedicated sales funnel builder
Fast and easy to useFast and easy to use
Limited number of page templatesLots of funnel and page templates
No email marketing toolEmail marketing tool available in the $297/month plan
Can integrate with 1000s of appsCan also integrate with many apps.
Less expensive when compared with ClickfunnelsVery expensive
One time payment is available for an affordable priceNo one time deal available

Which One Should You Choose?

Clickfunnels is surely one of the best sales funnel software out there. But, the fact that it costs $97/month for the base plan makes it less appealing for many.

Fastpages on the other hand comes with a pretty neat page builder with a one-time price tag of $197. It can be used as a powerful sales funnel builder when connected with the right apps.

So, If you are someone who is an experienced blogger or marketer and can afford the $97/month for Clickfunnels, I would definitely recommend it. But for someone who is a beginner, Fastpages would be more than enough.

Hope I have helped you choose one of the two from this. If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.