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Drop Servicing is the new “word” in town with hundreds trying to earn something from it. This business is actually another word for “outsourcing” and people have used this method for a long time.

In the last article, I gave a complete training on how you can set up a drop servicing business in 2 different ways. So, you can check it out here if you are interested.

In this article, I’ll help you set up a brand new drop servicing business on Shopify completely from scratch.

So, Let’s get started.

What is Shopify? And Why Use It?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps in selling your products and services to your customers.

It is mainly used in selling physical and digital products but can be used to sell services too.

Shopify makes it easier to manage your customer’s orders, shipping, refund and almost everything. They have been in this industry for quite a long time now and are the leading ones.

So, if you wish to start your drop servicing business with Shopify, sign up for an account on Shopify. It’s free for the first 14-days and after that, it’s just $29/month.

But, if you want to start this business in a different way, You can check out this post where I explain the other 2 methods.

You can also hire a freelancer on Upwork to do the website creation.

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Step By Step Guide to Drop service with Shopify

I will break this article into 8 simple steps so that you can easily do them yourself.

  1. Register and Buy a Shopify Plan
  2. Setting up the basics
  3. Set up payments
  4. Adding a service
  5. Finding a freelancer for outsourcing
  6. Getting order Information from the customer
  7. The “Middleman”
  8. Setting up other legal documents

1. Register and Buy a Shopify Plan

The first and foremost thing to do is to register on Shopify. They offer a 14-day free trial but it’s limited and you would need to purchase a plan to get started.

Shopify plans starts at just $29/month. You really get the value for the money that you spend.

They also do have 2 other plans priced at $79/month and $299/month which is a complete waste of money in my opinion.

2. Setting up the basics

Once you register, they will ask for your store name, the URL, and other small things that you can handle.

The next thing you would have to do is install a simple theme. There are tons of awesome themes in the Shopify store. But, If you are too lazy, just stick with the default theme.

Once everything is set up, you will arrive at a page somewhat like the one shown below

From there, just click on settings and then Checkout.

Under the Customer Contact -> To check out, Select the 2nd option which says ” Customers can only check out using email”

You can also change your website’s style and appearance by clicking the “Customise Checkout” button.

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3. Set up payments

The next thing to do is to set up payments. There are a lot of ways to accept payments. The most common ones are using Stripe and Paypal.

Setting up payments is really easy. Just go to settings and then Payment Providers. Then click on “Activate PayPal Express Checkout”.

There will be a series of steps to finish. Complete them one by one and you would have your payment page all set up.

4. Finding a freelancer for outsourcing

Since you are drop servicing here, you will need to find a freelancer so that you can act as the middle man.

I would recommend 2 different platforms to find freelancers for cheap. They are:-

Freelancers on both these platforms provide different services in a lot of categories. So, you may find almost everything here.

Select a service that has low competition and high search volume on Google. You can check these metrics using Google Keyword Planner. Anyway here are some good services that you may offer:-

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Storyboard
  • Logo Animation
  • Animated GIFs
  • User Testing
  • Lead Generation
  • Voice-over
  • Resume Writing
  • Book trailers
  • And Much More…

After you select a service that you wish to drop service, find a reliable freelancer on the above 2 mentioned platforms. Look for good ratings and reviews. Once you find one, You may message them saying that you would like to drop service their service and politely ask their permission.

And when you get the green light, you are all set and ready to go.

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5. Adding a service

Your Shopify store is almost finished now, You just need to add in your service that you wish to drop service.

To add a service, go to Products -> Add Product. You will be redirected to a page like this.

Fill in the details of the service. You may copy and paste the same information from the freelancer that you are outsourcing.

Pricing your service is an important part. It should not be too high nor should it be too low. Price the service much higher than what you are outsourcing it for and also check other competitors and determine a final price.

Another thing to change here is an option under the shipping tab, uncheck the option which says “This is a Physical Product” and that’s it.

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6. Getting order Information from the customer

One small problem that we face when using Shopify for this business model is getting information from your customer. But this problem is very easy to solve.

Once your customer buys your service, An email is automatically sent to him/her about the order. So, we just need to edit this email by providing a google form from which they can easily give us the details of the order.

Keep in mind that you specify this in the description of your service. Make it clear that you would send them an email for getting the order details and provide them with your personal email for assurance.

To edit the order confirmation email, go to Setting -> Notifications -> Order Confirmation.

Just change the first few sentences to something like this

{% capture email_title %}Thank you for your purchase! {% endcapture %}
{% capture email_body %}
Hi {{ customer.first_name }}, we have received your order. Please fill in this form - INSERT GOOGLE FORM LINK so that we can start working on your order.
{% endcapture %}

7. The “Middleman”

Once you have the order details from your customer, just send them over to your freelancer.

Your customer’s information will be stored in Shopify where you can access his email address. When the freelancer finishes the assigned you just need to send them to your customer using their email address

8. Setting up other legal documents

Some legal documents like Privacy policy, Terms of Service, and Refund Policy must be available to our customers so that your business doesn’t look like a scam.

It’s very easy to create these legal documents on Shopify. Just go onto Settings -> Legal.

Then for each legal document, there is a button named “Create from Template”. Click on that and just edit some information that you think needs to change.

And that’s it, You are ready to accept orders from your customers.

Driving Traffic To Your Website

No one’s going to see your website/store unless you start promoting it. Traffic from social media is useless in this case.

Most people who need these kinds of services, search on Google. So, it’s important that you rank number 1 for some keywords related to the service that you are providing.

This is the reason why I asked you to choose services that are less competitive and has a higher search volume on Google.

The best and fastest way to get orders is using Google Adwords to advertise on Google.

Here is a free tutorial on how you can set up the ads on Google Adwords

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Shopify is basically an eCommerce platform but as we saw, it can also be used to sell services and start a business easily.

But there are both good and bad for this like every other platform on the internet.

Every business is a bit hard and this is no different. Only when you become consistent and work for it will you start receiving profits and ultimately succeed.

So, to the newbies out there, you may not get any order for 2, 3 days, or maybe 1 week. Just be patient!

That’s all. Please let me know when you get your first order and if there are any queries, feel free to ask them down in the comment section below.