Why is Aliexpress So Cheap? Are the Products Worth it?

AliExpress, the China-based online retail marketplace has been gaining popularity in recent years. One of the reasons that made it so popular is that you can find almost any type of product at really low prices.

But have you ever wondered how AliExpress sellers offer such low prices?

AliExpress’s direct-to-customer business model, China’s competitive business environment and low-quality knockoff products are the reasons behind AliExpress being so cheap. And, if you know what you are looking for, you can get decent quality items at really great prices.

In this article, I’m going to explain, why is AliExpress so cheap? And talk about the quality of the product that you can get from there. I will also share some tips on how you can avoid scams while purchasing from AliExpress. Learning all these will ensure that you have a great experience while shopping online. So, let’s jump right in!

3 Reasons Why AliExpress is So Cheap

AliExpress operates much like eBay or Amazon. All of them sell products directly to the customers. But one key difference between Amazon and AliExpress is that Amazon sells its own goods and also allows 3rd party sellers on its platform. But, AliExpress is solely dedicated to third-party sellers. And this business model has a lot to do with their cheap prices.

Now let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make AliExpress products so cheap:

1. You will be Buying Directly from Manufacturers

From electronics to clothing, you can see the “Made in China” tag in almost any product we use today.

China has a very business-friendly ecosystem, competitive currency practices, and low taxes and duties. And all these help the Chinese manufacturers to keep their production costs low.

With the help of the AliExpress platform, manufacturers are now able to do business directly with customers, completely cutting out the middlemen. And this is one of the main reasons that makes AliExpress so cheap.

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2. Both the Seller and AliExpress is Trying to Get More Business

The Chinese manufacturing industry is extremely competitive. So, companies are trying their best to capture customers’ attention. And what better way to do that other than offering a product with the same build quality as other similar products in the market but at a lower price.

AliExpress and the sellers try their best to get the attention of their customers. If you visit the AliExpress website for the first time, you will receive first-time purchaser coupon codes.

That’s because this platform wants you to complete a purchase from its website. It is beneficial for both the seller and AliExpress to sell more products and get more businesses.

3. Low-Quality Counterfeit Products

This is a well-known problem with AliExpress. There are many scammers on that platform. They often try to attract customers’ attention through really cheap deals.

That’s why you need to be careful when purchasing something from this platform so that you don’t get scammed. Find out if the seller is trusted or not before purchasing something from AliExpress.

It is true there are counterfeit products on the AliExpress platform. But that doesn’t make all its products bad. In fact, AliExpress’s direct-to-customer business model completely eliminates sellers’ dependency on retail middlemen and allows purchasers to directly buy from the manufacturing source.

If you find a product that is cheap and you don’t recognize the brand (the chances are very high that you won’t), don’t assume you are being scammed. And in case you do get scammed, AliExpress does have a buyer protection policy in place that you can take advantage of.

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Are the AliExpress Products Any Good?

Most of the products you can get from AliExpress have decent quality. However, there are some bad apples there too. And when you are not careful enough, you will get scammed.

In AliExpress, most of the products are legit. But there are some exceptions to that. And the quality of most of the products there is pretty decent. However, you can’t just search for a product on AliExpress’s site and select the first or the cheapest seller and expect to get a good quality product.

But if you do your research and know what you are looking for, there are lots of great options of cheap yet great quality products for you to choose from.

Many people mistakenly think that AliExpress is a scammy service and their products are garbage. But that’s not true at all. In fact, many world-renown Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Ugreen, Simplee, etc. feature their product on that platform along with thousands of small businesses.

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Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed on AliExpress

Those who are new to AliExpress can get scammed pretty easily if they are not careful enough. Down here, I’ve shared some tips to help stay safe from such frauds and have an amazing shopping experience. Let’s take a look!

1. Think Twice for Products That are Priced Too Low

One of the most used tricks of scammers is that they advertise their products at unbelievably lower prices. And customers often fall victim to such tricks.

Before buying a product, check other sites to compare its prices to make sure the price on AliExpress’s page is not suspiciously low. If the price is too low, there is a very good chance the product is a Chinese knockoff of the real product.

2. Avoid Buying Branded Items on AliExpress

You should definitely avoid buying any expensive and branded items on AliExpress. Most of the countries in the world provide special protection to brands.

When you buy a branded product at an unbelievably low price, you might not care if it’s the real product or a Chinese knockoff. But if the customs officials find that the product is not legit, they will seize it.

However, this only applies to brands outside of China like Apple, Nokia, Sennheiser, etc. But Chinese brands are an exception to this rule. They usually have an official AliExpress storefront. And you will be absolutely safe buying their products.

3. Only Purchase from Established Sellers

Although most of the sellers on AliExpress are legit, there are few bad apples. So, checking if the seller is legit before buying something from them is a good idea. Look for the sellers’ ratings on AliExpress’s website. The higher rating the better.

Also, go through the customers’ feedback to find out if they received the same product as advertised or not.

And finally, check for how long the seller’s shop has existed on AliExpress. Furthermore, check for seller badges like “Top Rated Seller”, “Feedback Score”, “Positive Feedback” and “Number of Orders” on the product page.

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4. Read Complete Product Description

It is always best practice to go through the product’s description section. You might find some really useful information there. Never buy a product just by looking at the name and the photo.

For instance, the seller may describe the product’s quality, features, or whether it is the original product or just a replica in the description section.

You will also get your answers regarding refund/replacement policy and shipping information-related questions here. These are very important pieces of information every customer should know before making a purchase.

5. Communicate With the Seller to Clear All Your Doubts Before Buying

If you have any questions regarding a product, contact the seller to ask them these questions directly. Sometimes you might not find any information about a product in its item details section. These items can be cheap knockoffs of genuine products.

In that case, contact the seller to learn about the product details, features, and shipping information. Also, confirm whether the product is a replica or not.

6. Check the Product Carefully Before Confirming Receipt

Upon receiving the product, make sure you have got everything you paid for. Do not confirm that you’ve received the product before doing so.

When you have made sure you’ve got what you ordered from AliExpress and are satisfied with the product quality, only then mark the item as received. After that, you will have a fifteen-day window to open a dispute about the received goods.

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AliExpress is a place where people can get some good quality products for unbelievably lower prices. But you have to be careful while purchasing something from there. And if you follow the tips I’ve shared here, you will be fine.

After reading this article, hopefully, you’ve understood why AliExpress products are so cheap. Thanks for stopping by. And have a great day!