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Hey guys,

I don’t how much excited I am to say that my AdSense account has been approved in just 47 days of starting my Blog. I started my blog on 31st of December 2018 and had just 10 posts(including this) and 1 comment. Yes! that’s all! Can you believe that?

So How did I do it?

I will start from the beginning –

To be frank, this blog is the 3rd one out of the 3 blogs that I have created. I deleted the other 2 blogs because I thought I won’t make much out of it and also didn’t have the patience and content to post on those 2 blogs.

Since then I have been researching a lot on how to make some money online. I thought that I could start a blog in this niche. After 18 days of starting this blog, I registered for an Adsense account. Usually, reviewing an application takes less than a day. But before I could wait for the E-mail to come, on January 21st, I had the money to buy a domain name on I bought this .com domain and cancelled the Adsense account which was linked to the Blogspot domain.

After that, I applied again for a brand new Adsense account that day itself. I waited for days and eventually forgot all about it. Until today, while I was just opening up this business E-mail account and I saw an E-mail from Adsense. I was just awestruck because I never thought, having 10 posts and just 1 comment could get my Adsense account approved.

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So Here are some Tips to remember before you apply for an Adsense Account.

1. Apply a professional SEO friendly Theme/Template.

Do not consider your blog just as a website, think of it as a business, Make it professional. Do not include colors such as red, yellow, orange together on the same page.
Include fewer animations so that your website loads faster.
For WordPress Users, There are many professional themes/templates out there in the store. And for Blogger users, visit

2. The “Important” Pages

There are 3 Pages which are required for each and every site so that Adsense approves you. They are-
Privacy Policy, Contact Us and About me pages. Without these three pages, It’s quite impossible for Adsense to approve you.
It won’t take you less than 15 minutes to set all these pages up. Take a look at all these 3 pages of mine if you are looking for some sample templates

3.Quality Content

The next important thing is the quality of the post that you are publishing. Produce a well-written article with at least 700 words. If you keep publishing good quality content, you have a higher chance of getting approved by Adsense. Moreover, you get more traffic to your blog.

4. Alignment and Arrangement

All your posts must be aligned and arranged in a simple manner on the homepage. Do not make it complex for a person to find a particular post. Moreover, you should also categorize your posts according to different topics and all these topics must be accessible from the menu.
In simple terms, your website must be neat when viewed on both desktops and mobile devices.

5. Remove all third-party Ads

Never apply for Adsense if you have other third-party ads placed on your webpages. There is 100% chance that you will get rejected if you apply like that.

6. Traffic doesn’t matter

The amount of traffic does not matter at all as long as you have quality posts on your blog. Adsense reviewers are looking for unique and high-quality content, they do not care how much traffic you get.
So. Never ever use traffic exchange websites or generate fake hits on your website. If the Adsense team finds out, they may not approve your application.

The above tips will surely help you get your Adsense application approved in less than 2 months. I used these exact methods to get it approved. Adsense may reject your application several times, but don’t worry, It’s quite normal. All you have to do then is post 2 or 3 posts and apply again for Adsense. People who get their Adsense approved in the first attempt are pretty rare.

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So Now you know how to get your Adsense account approved. But before that, do you have a significant amount of traffic to your blog. If you don’t have that, Adsense is a complete waste because you won’t make much. At the time of writing this article, I did’nt have much traffic and has made only 30 cents.

Hope you guys got some extra information from this post.

Anything you do, Always keep one thing in mind- “Just don’t give up”