Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?

Like any other online retailer, Amazon runs its own affiliate program which is also the biggest affiliate program in the world right now. There are many affiliate programs that pay less or straight-out scams their affiliates.

And if you are someone who is thinking of joining an affiliate program, you might find yourself asking “Is Amazon Affiliate Program worth it?”

Yes, joining the Amazon Affiliate Program is definitely worth your time. It is the biggest affiliate program in the world, has a very good conversion rate, and provides many more benefits that you won’t be able to get in most other affiliate programs. However, creating a website solely to promote Amazon products would be a very bad idea!

You don’t have to believe me straight away. In this article, I’ve discussed how the Amazon affiliate program works and what benefits you will be getting by joining the program.

I’ve also shed some light on the considerations of being an Amazon associate. Learning these will surely help you to decide whether this affiliate program is worth your time or not.

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Amazon Affiliate Program is a referral program where you will be rewarded a certain percentage of the sales price for directing traffic from your website to Amazon that converts into a successful transaction.

When a certain visitor on your website clicks on an Amazon referral link, he or she will be directed to with a temporary cookie that will last for 24 hours.

Now if he or she makes this purchase from Amazon within 24 hours through this referral link, you will be paid a commission depending on the commission bracket of the item.

To become an amazon associate, you will need to strictly follow their terms and conditions. If you violate any of their terms and conditions, you will be suspended or banned from their affiliate program.

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Benefits of Amazon Affiliate Program

Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should consider joining the Amazon Affiliate program.

1. Renowned and Trusted Brand

Amazon is a titan in the world of business. They are the world’s largest online retailer. And they sell almost any type of product that you can find in the market and have a robust delivery service.

On top of that, they are a trusted name and have millions of satisfied customers. Everything on the Amazon platform is verified, safe, and guaranteed. As their affiliate, you will not be promoting something sketchy.

This only leads to customers trusting your website while you are trying to sell the product. That’s because everybody trusts the name “Amazon.” And this brand name will only help you increase your conversion rate if you can promote the product right.

2. Amazing Sales Funnel

Amazon has the best sales funnel compared to its competitors. If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, it is the marketing model that illustrates the path a customer takes, starting from when the customer became aware of the product to him or her purchasing it.

Amazon is a pioneer in the world of eCommerce. From the placement of the product picture to the checkout button on the store website – everything there is designed in such a way to entice people to buy the product. This is done keeping only one goal in mind, to boost the number of sales.

Being an affiliate with the greatest sales funnel in the world is something that will keep you ahead. By making engaging content and promotional campaigns, you can leverage Amazon’s amazing sales funnel. It will only increase your earnings.

3. Covers a Wide Range of Niche

When you are building a blogging site, it is essential to find a niche for your blogs. And no matter what your niche is, there will always be something on Amazon for you to promote. From speakers, computer accessories, drones, etc. you can find everything on Amazon.

Amazon frequently updates their store website, keeps the products that sell, and removes the ones that don’t. So, there are never any outdated products on the Amazon eCommerce shop’s website.

To choose a niche, first, visit their website and browse their product categories. If you find anything that clicks your interest, start promoting it.

4. Completely Free to Join

You can join the Amazon Affiliate Program completely free. Just head over to their affiliate program website, fill out all the necessary information. And that’s all there is to it.

When you join as an Amazon associate, read their terms and conditions at first. Never break any of their rules and regulations. Otherwise, you will be suspended or permanently banned from their platform in the worst-case scenario.

5. Low Payout Limit

Amazon has a surprisingly small payout limit. As an affiliate, you can receive your earnings when it crosses the 10 USD threshold. You will be getting this money in the form of gift cards.

If your earnings cross the 100 USD limit, you can get paid through checks. Amazon pays its affiliates within sixty days after the month for which they are being paid for.

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Considerations Before Becoming an Amazon Associate

As you can see from above that there are many great reasons for being an amazon affiliate, it also comes with some downsides. And you should consider them before becoming an Amazon associate.

1. Low Commission Rate

The first thing that you should consider is their commission rate. You can earn up to 10% commission depending on the product you are promoting.

This might seem a lot but in reality, only a handful of products will earn you this much commission. Most of the products in their eCommerce shop offer commissions way below this value.

For example, for things like furniture, electronics, baby products, groceries and music you get a mere 1 to 3% commission which is way lower than what it used to be.

Credits: Search Engine Journal

Amazon has been showing the tendency to cut off the commission for affiliates to lower and lower values over the years which can become a concerning factor for many new affiliate marketers.

2. The Affiliate Program May Shutdown Anytime

As we all know, Amazon is a company that’s doing very well in recent years.

Like I said before, Amazon has been slowly cutting the affiliate commissions year by year. This could in fact go way lower than what we get right now.

Maybe, This could be a sign that amazon is slowly trying to remove their affiliate program because they know that without it they would be perfectly fine and save more money.

3. Short Cookie Duration

Another thing that sucks being an Amazon affiliate is that their cookies only last 24 hours. This duration is very short compared to other affiliate programs. However, there is an exception to this time limit.

If someone adds a product using your affiliate link, Amazon will give you a whopping 90-day cookie on that product. If the purchase is complete within this 90-day limit, you will earn your commission.

4. Payout Method

And the final thing is that Amazon doesn’t use PayPal to pay their associates.

PayPal is very popular all over the world as an online payment system. And many affiliate marketers use it to get paid. If you are considering becoming an Amazon affiliate, you should find alternative methods in that case.

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So, Is Being an Amazon Affiliate Worth It?

Yes, of course. Although Amazon provides its affiliates with a lower commission rate, the rate is still modest enough. And they are trusted all over the world.

So, even though the commission is low, you will still see much higher sales if you use Amazon links and this could mean more income for you even though you are getting a small cut. It’s something that you shouldn’t overlook.

As for getting paid, you just have to find another alternative to PayPal. And there are many alternative options available out there. So, this is not such a dealbreaker. Plus, you get to join the Amazon affiliate program for free.

On top of that, as an affiliate, you have the ability to leverage the world’s most advanced sales funnels. This will only increase your conversion rate, thus generating more income. So, there is essentially no valid reason for you to join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

The Amazon Affiliate Program is great for everyone, especially for beginners who are willing to start affiliate marketing.

However, I won’t ever recommend making your website solely dedicated to promoting Amazon products. Try to diversify away from it as much as possible. That’s because Amazon has a tendency to cut down commission rates whenever they like.

And Amazon has done this before. If they start paying their affiliates super low, it might not be worth your time being an Amazon associate. In this case, you might have to switch to other affiliate programs and make new contents, which can be a lot of work. So, diversifying your website contents is a good idea to survive as an affiliate marketer.

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The Amazon Affiliate Program is still one of the most famous and profitable affiliate programs out there. Find a niche that is suitable for you, start promoting. If you do everything right, you will start earning tons of money in no time.

I hope, through this article “Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?” I was of some help to you. Utilize the brand name and the sales funnel of Amazon and keep earning. Wishing you the very best in your future endeavors!