Is Blogging Still Profitable?

There are more than 500 million blogs out of the 1.7 billion websites. Every day, there are hundreds and thousands of blogs created. Why is there so much competition in the blogging space? Is it because it’s profitable?

Yes! Blogging is profitable. If you compare the initial investment with other online businesses, blogging would be the least of all. You can make a lot of money blogging. But, It surely isn’t easy, and like other businesses, they too come at a cost.

So, Are you planning on starting a blog? Want to know why it’s profitable?

If so, continue reading and see if blogging is the right business for you.

How Much Does it Take To Start A Blog?

Starting a blog is the cheapest online business you can start on the internet. It needs a very low capital to start.

The only 2 things you would need to buy are:-

Hosting and Domain name

Your blog or website needs to be up and running always so, a small place on the internet needs to be bought for storing your website and it’s content.

Hosting is really cheap and you can buy one from Bluehost for just $2.95/month with a free domain name.

The domain name needs to be selected in a way such that it tells the readers what the site is about.

Other places where you can buy hosting are from Siteground, Namecheap and Hostinger. I recommend Bluehost because it’s one of the best WordPress hosting and also you get a free domain with it.

So, the overall cost for you to start a blog would be just $2.95/month. Nothing much!

Once you buy your hosting, You will need to install WordPress on the host. But, Bluehost comes preinstalled with WordPress. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about that.

WordPress is a content management system where you would write and publish your articles.

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How can Blogging Become Profitable

Blogging is the best online business to start in terms of the initial investment. Moreover, it’s easy to start and maintain.

It’s true that blogging can be a very long process and takes a lot of time to make your first few dollars online. But, once your blog establishes itself in the industry, you will have the potential to make a lot of money.

In order for a blog to be profitable, There are some things to be kept in mind. They are:-

1. Is Blogging Your Cup of Tea?

This is a very important question that you should ask yourself before you even start your blog. I say this because only about 10% of the people who starts a blog make beyond $100 dollars. Rest fail to do so and eventually quits.

There can be a lot of reasons behind a person quitting. But, some commons ones are lack of patience, losing interest in the topic, not making money and much more.

If you don’t have the interest to blog, never do it. you will surely lose interest and will not be able to make the money that you dreamt about.

Only start blogging if you have the following characteristics:-

i. Patience

This is the number 1 important thing to have as a blogger. Blogging is a long term process and will not be an easy journey at the beginning.

It can take more than 4 months for you to start seeing some traffic on your blog (I am talking about just 500-1000 visitors per month) and another 8-10 months to start making a consistent income online.

Clearly, Patience is the key!

Trust me, the journey is not simple, ask any blogger and they will tell you a story about their frustrating times when no one visited their blog.

If you are a person who had started a blog already and feels like quitting, just remember why you started it in the first place. That will keep you on track. This is how I managed to get through the difficult times.

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ii. Hardwork

No job in this world is easy, every single one of them has their own ups and downs. You must have seen a lot of YouTubers, bloggers and other entrepreneurs making a lot of money on the internet and must have told yourself “How easy job it is”, Right?

Seriously, I have had that thought at least once!

But the reason why they are famous Youtubers, bloggers and entrepreneurs is because of the hardwork they put in when they first started.

The beginning of something like a blog is always tough. You will have to produce a lot of content, learn new things like SEO, marketing etc.

Consistency is also a factor when starting. If you write about 5 articles and then stop for a while, you won’t be able to progress well in the journey.

Set some timetable or deadlines for posting. That way, you may try to post frequently.

2. SEO and Writing Valuable Articles

Articles that you publish on your blog must be the best when compared with others. It must be a better resource than your competition.

If you write valuable and useful content, Google will start ranking your site. Although, some SEO skills are needed for your article to be rankable by Google.

SEO or search engine optimization is the act of optimising your article for search engines so that they can index or rank your website.

There are so many things to study in SEO. You can easily learn them from YouTube videos, blogs and other courses. Here is a YouTube video that completely explains what SEO is!

If you are completely new to the blogging world, you should probably enrol in a blogging course like Project 24. You can be successful without a course, but it will take you a lot of time.

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3. Monetization

Monetization can be done in different ways. It can be done using the following

  • Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Info Products

The amount of money that you make completely depends on the above three things.

Monetizing with ads is the least profitable one while monetizing with affiliate marketing and info products can help you make thousands of dollars per month.

Monetization with Ads

Making money with ads is hard. It will take a lot of time for you to make some good income. If you have a significant amount of traffic to your blog, ads can do just fine.

But, if it’s just 1500-2000 visitors per month, you will only be making a few dollars.

Ads are great because you get money whenever a visitor just lands on your blog and need not do any action. However, if the user clicks the ad, you get higher earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money from a blog. Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product that someone owns and you make commissions when someone buys it from your website.

This is really simple and you do not need huge traffic to start making money. If you check out this blog, you would find some affiliate products that I promote.

But, unlike ads, you do not get money when they just visit your website. The visitor would need to buy the product so that you make commissions from it.

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Info Products

Info Products can be a course, software, product, PDFs, E-book, etc that provides some value or information. These products are created by you based on your knowledge and expertise on a particular topic.

You should price the product according to the value and demand. When you finish creating an info product, you market them on your website and when someone buys it from you, you make money.

This is the hardest of all the three ways since it would take you a lot of time and work. But it has the potential to bring in the most money.

To maximize your earnings, Monetize with all the three ways.

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4. Competition And Saturation

The number of blogs that are created each day is enormous. Due to this, the internet has gone saturated with the same articles explaining the same things.

As of now, only if you start producing quality and unique content will you start getting traffic

Moreover, there is stiff competition for almost any topic that you search for. This makes it even harder for newer blogs.

Why Should You Blog?

Blogging was first started in 1994 by a student named Justin Hall as a place to publish his writings. It turned out to be more than just that.

Today, Blogs influence a lot of people by helping them learn, buy, make decisions and much more.

Most people start a blog intending to make money from them. They forget the fact that starting and maintaining a blog has more benefits than just earning money. Here are some reasons why you should be blogging:-

1. You can improve in the language you write

As you go on writing articles, your vocabulary, grammar and communication start improving. Even if you are weak in English, starting a blog and writing articles in them can improve your language a lot.

I myself have improved a lot since starting this blog.

2. You get more knowledge

Before you write articles for your blog, researching and reading about them is absolutely necessary. This way, you learn a lot of different things.

3. Meet other Bloggers

When you are on your blogging journey, there are others with you on the same track. Try communicating with them and build a relationship. They will be able to help you when you get stuck at some point.

4. Share your Opinion and Knowledge

You are free to express your opinion on whatever topic you like. Moreover, your blog could be a great resource for people on a particular topic that you have written.

5. Earn more Exposure

When a blog establishes in a particular industry, that blogger starts to get famous and earn more exposure. Everyone likes being famous, right?

6. And Lastly, Making money

This is usually the first thing that a person gets motivated in starting a blog. But, sadly it is the last thing that you can expect from a blog. Yes, It does take a significant amount of time to earn an income online.


So, Blogging is one of the best online businesses to start. It can be intimidating at first but as you go on, you would probably start enjoying the blogger life.

So, if you are looking for ways to start an entrepreneur life, blogging would be a great option. But remember that, this path is not for everyone and only take it up if it truly interests you.

Hope I have answered your question.