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Blogging has become so common these days that the internet has articles on almost all topics in the world. A blog/website is created almost every second.

But, most of them do not come into the spotlight!

If you are planning to start a blog and don’t know what to write about or where to start, this guide will surely help you.

Why Blog?

Blogging is one of the cheapest online businesses to start. It has the lowest capital investment and a massive return on investment if done the right way.

Well, That is one of the huge reasons why we see so many blogs coming up.

Not only that, there are other numerous advantages such as:-

  1. Improving your language
  2. Learning plenty of new things
  3. Meeting other fellow bloggers
  4. Earning more exposure

But, like me, most people start a blog just to earn some income online. However, it’s the last thing that you can expect to get from a blog since it takes a great deal of time.

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What Kind of A Blog Should I Start?

This is one of the crucial steps in starting a blog. If you make a mistake here, your journey would be so difficult.

So, How do you minimise this mistake?

Just make sure that you select a niche based on these guidelines!

1. Select a Niche/Topic that you are interested in.

Start a blog about something that interests you the most. This can decrease the chances of you failing in the initial months.

Blogging can get hefty and boring at times, especially if you alone write your content. If you write about something that interests you, you won’t quite feel that boredom somehow.

However, there are other aspects to consider when choosing a niche like checking the competition and traffic.

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2. Check the Competition.

If you start a blog on a pretty broad topic where there are lots of articles written about them, you would be like a small fish in a large ocean. You won’t be able to live up to the competition.

Suppose, you start a “news” blog. There are huge blogs like the BBC, The Guardian, CNN, etc. So, You are never going to scratch the surface for at least 5-6 years.

Less the number of people writing about a particular topic, the better it would be to start a blog about that.

To check the competition in a particular niche, just Google the topic and see if people are actually writing content about them. Or, you could just go to answerthepublic.com and type the topic to the box.

After you click submit, You would see a large number of questions that people really ask on Google. Clicking each one of them will redirect you to the Google result page. Then for each question, check if :

  1. There are “NO” clear cut answers in the results page.
  2. If there are “NO” authoritative blogs writing content.
  3. If the answers are from Forums.

If all the above satisfies, then that niche might be a good one to write about.

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3. The Traffic

This is another important aspect that you should check when you choose a niche.

If you blog about a topic that merely one or two are interested in the whole world, then you most probably won’t be able to succeed.

Suppose, you blog about your boring life, how you woke up and went to school and all that shit, you will probably never get any visitors to your blog other than your friends and family. That’s because no one cares about your life!

However, if you somehow spice it up and get viral for some apparent reason, you might succeed. But, that’s like a 0.01% chance!

To check if a particular niche gets enough traffic, go to trends.google.com and type in your topic. It will display a graph which shows the trend of the topic and how popular it is on Google. Also, don’t forget to change the filters to 2004-present and Worldwide. This way you know how popular this topic is from past to present and if it has some potential in the future.

PS- Also check out for seasonality. Some niches are seasonal. Always select a niche that people always search throughout the year

4. Monetization

There are primarily three ways by which you can monetize your blog. They are through ads, affiliate networks and info products.

Selling affiliate and info products make you the most money when compared to displaying ads on your website.

In case you don’t know what info products are, they are simply some product that you create and sell through your own website.

So, the point is, different niches allow different monetization methods. Some niches like “digital marketing” allows you to monetize in all three ways while other niches like “Love quotes” or something like that will only let you monetize using ads because there aren’t any products that you can make or promote

Try and choose a topic which can help you make money in all three ways.

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What To do After Picking A Topic?

First things first, a name for your website!

Choose a name that closely relates to the niche/topic that you chose. You can use some business name generator like namelix.com.

After you choose a name, there are two more things to set up.

1. Hosting

A blog needs to be hosted so that people all over the world can access your website. Hosting has become really cheap and you could buy one from Bluehost for as low as just $2.95/month and moreover they give you a free domain.

WordPress is the best content management system and powers more than 36% of the Internet. They allow you to write posts, install plugins and themes, etc. Bluehost helps you set up WordPress very easily with a 1-click WordPress install button.

You could also buy hosting from Siteground, Hostinger, EasyWP etc but none of them provides a free domain with them.

2. Domain Name

The domain name and the name of your website should be the same. Make sure that you buy a .com domain.

If you bought hosting from Bluehost, you would have already bought a free domain along with it.

Alternatively, you can also buy a domain from Namecheap, Hostinger or GoDaddy.


So, I hope you now know what type of blog you should start!

Now, Before you start this journey, there is something which I would like to say based on my experience.

Blogging can get really frustrating after some time. The initial excitement and joy after you set up a new blog will gradually die down. This happens to almost all bloggers. Many quit in the first 2-3 months. The rest continue and they are the one who succeeds.

You will reach this point, no matter what you do. When you reach that point, just remember why you started this blog! It can motivate you to keep going.

On 1st January 2020, This blog became 1 year old. But, you would be surprised to hear how much I have earned so far.

Just $87!

I could have made more if I had published more articles. Since I am a full-time student, I don’t quite get the time to write.

Anyway, keep in mind that blogging is not for everyone and will take some time to earn from it.