How to Create a Free Sales Funnel With These 3 Builders!

Sales funnel software/programs are one of the most used tools by internet marketers today. They need these software for maintaining or scaling up their businesses.

But, the thing with most of these builders/software are that they are too expensive.

This limits these software/programs to just the established internet marketers and becomes inaccessible for the beginners who are starting out.

ClickFunnels is by far the best sales funnel builder out there and there’s no denying that. But the problem is, It costs a whopping $97 per month which is a bit too expensive in my opinion.

Luckily, there are quite a few free alternatives to them! But, I have to say that these do not have the same quality nor will it have the full functionality of a paid sales funnel software.

However, by no means, is it too bad. It would be perfect for someone who’s just starting out.

So, here, I will be showing you how you can create a free sales funnel with Wix and also show other free sales funnel software.

How to Create a Free Sales Funnel!

But what exactly is a Sales Funnel?

In simple terms, A sales funnel or a marketing funnel is a path that a prospect takes through the site that finally results in a conversion.

So Before we even start building this sales funnel, Let’s see how we are going to make prospects into customers by moving them through the funnel and ultimately reaching a stage where they buy the product/service.

Generally, A sales funnel consists of 4 stages – Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. I will explain each and every stage and how a visitor becomes a prospect and finally becomes a customer.

A visitor lands on your website through organic search, social links or paid ads. He/She may go through some of your posts and at some point, you ask them to sign up for your email list by giving them some free product/ebook/software in exchange.

And once he or she signs up, they become a prospect. You can now market your product outside through emails, send them emails about your new blog post, send them discount coupons, promote affiliate products and much more. This makes these leads come back to your website

At the start of this sales funnel, there will be a lot of people but when it comes to the end, the funnel gets narrowed down with fewer people but these people are the ones that end up buying your product/service.

So Let’s begin creating our first free sales funnel!

For your information, There are different ways to make a sales funnel. The method that I am going to show you is just one of them. Put your creativity and marketing skills forward and try different ways.

Here is small diagram on how we will be implementing this sales funnel.

So, Let’s divide this into the following sections :

  1. Signing Up on Wix and Choosing a Template
  2. Choosing a Niche and Studying your visitors
  3. Choosing a Product that is free and of high value
  4. Create a Free Sales Funnel
  5. Setting Up Automation
  6. The Future Automations.

1. Signing Up On Wix and Choosing a Template

Go to and create a new account. After you set up your account, Click create your site. It will take you through a series of steps. Click the ones that suit your website the best.

Wix has a free plan which lets you do the basics and will help you build this free sales funnel. But, if you want to scale it up further, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan which costs just $13/month. You also get a free domain with that.

I think that’s affordable considering the features that they boast. Some features include:-

  • The best “Drag and Drop” website builder on the Internet.
  • A fully equipped email marketing tool
  • Bookings and Membership Portals
  • Payment Processing
  • and many others

Click here to build a Wix website.

Once you register on Wix, Look for a great eye-catching template. Select the landing pages category. There are a lot of templates that you can use for this sales funnel.

2. Choosing a Niche

Select a niche which you think you are good at or has some great products to promote. It can be an affiliate product or even a product that you made on your own

Niches like online business, fitness, marketing always have something or the other to sell.

As you can see, my website is on making money online and other blogging stuffs. I would choose something based on this.

So, I decided I would create a sales funnel for those people who are looking to start a business online. And guess what? I found a perfect product on ClickBank.

For those who don’t know what ClickBank is, It’s just an affiliate marketplace that gives away one of the highest affiliate commissions right now.

To find more affiliate products, you can check out websites like Shareasale, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Jvzoo, Digistore24, etc.

You can choose any affiliate products you want but just make sure that they are related to your niche.

3. Selecting a Free Product as a Lead Magnet

A Lead magnet is something that is used by marketers to persuade a site visitor to give their email address in exchange for a product/service like an ebook, a free course, discount coupon, a free 5-minute over the phone consultation, etc

Here in this tutorial, We will need 2 products to build this funnel. A free product and the Affiliate product that I told above.

Before we can market the Affiliate product. We need an Email List so that people can sign up to us and we can sell more than one product.

But ? What would tempt the visitors to sign up for your email list?

That’s why we are using a lead magnet for!

This lead magnet can be anything like a physical product, course, training, PDF, eBook etc but make sure that you are providing this for free.

You can make your own lead magnet or search the internet for a product that is free and that which provides high-quality content.

The best place to find free products is There are hundreds of videos, PDFs, softwares etc, that you can give away for free.

4. Create The Free Sales Funnel

Now that you have a free product, you are all set to make your own sales funnel. Go back to Wix and start creating a great landing page for your visitors.

Creating a landing page is very easy on Wix. You don’t need any technical skills to start. It’s a drag and drop builder, so you can place any element anywhere you want.

The landing page should be simple and must make the visitors want to sign up and grab that free item that you provided. Here’s an example that I did –

The Best and the most useful feature of Wix is that it has its own E-mail marketing tool. And it’s absolutely FREE!

Add a Wix form to your website by clicking add apps button on the left-hand side of Wix Editor. Add the form with just the Email input.

Now, what happens as soon as someone submits the form?

Do you want it to say “Thanks for submitting”?

No ! Never.

You want your visitors to be redirected to a webpage which thanks your visitors for signing up and explains something about your affiliate product that you are going to promote.

To do that, just click on the form and select – > form settings. From there, select from the menu which says “Submit message”. You will see four options. Click “Link to External URL” or “Page”and provide the URL of the page.

This page can be created either by adding another page on Wix or you can use something like Google sites.

The thank you page can be something like this –

thank you page

Here, I first thanked the visitor for signing up and then I used a “hook”, which is basically that second line on that page. This will spark interest in some people and may look at the affiliate product

Explain something about your affiliate product in here. And also Say something like “This E-book is incomplete without buying this” or something like that. Go Creative.

The product that you see here is an affiliate product and some may click the video, which is actually an image with a link to the affiliate offer page. (Yeah! You have to be smart here if you ever intend to make money online.)

Majority of the people won’t buy the product from here. But, that’s not a problem since you have their email.

The first email that you will have to send is the course, ebook, software or whatever it is that you promoted. This can be done using the email automation that Wix provides.

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5. Setting Up Automation

Go back to your Wix dashboard. From the menu on the left side, select customer management. Then click on Automations -> New Automation.

You will be redirected to a page like this with three options –

The first option will be to choose a trigger and For us, the trigger is when someone submits a Wix form.

The next option is to choose an Action. An action can be sending an email, sending a message, etc. We will choose to Send an Email.

Design the Email you wish to send it to your subscribers. This E-mail should contain a free course/product. All Email designing tools are provided by Wix and you need not worry about that.

The third and final option is to specify when the Email should be sent. Select Immediately so that the automation sends the email without any Delay!

Save the automation.

Congratulations, you have now completed the first phase of your sales funnel.

Once you start promoting your landing page, you will start getting subscribers and your email list will start to increase. You have already given a free product now it’s time for you to promote an affiliate product to these people on your Email list.

6. The Future Automations for you Sales Funnel

Now that you have completed the hard part of a sales funnel, the next subsequent things to do are quite easy.

Design more automations promoting the affiliate product that you wish to sell. Do not just give direct links to buy them. Rather, State why this product can help the customer.

You can send them to blog posts that you made for that product or you can design an email that’s informative enough so that the people in your email list may buy it.

This email should be a detailed one. It should state each and every feature of the affiliate product. If there are any competitors to this product, try stating why it’s better than them.

This is where most people get it wrong, they just thrash some Affiliate links to the Email thinking that people are gonna buy that product. Unfortunately, That won’t work.

Draft more emails and send it to your subscriber. Just one email doesn’t ensure that you will get a sale.

Just make sure you don’t send them these emails quite often because they may unsubscribe from the list.

Now, if you are building a funnel for your own product, you might need a way to accept payments right from your website. To do that, I have provided a free tool that you can use at the end of this blog post. Be sure to check out out.

That’s it, Now let us see some features of Wix and other free sales funnel builders that you can use!

3 Best Free Sales Funnel Software For 2021

These sales funnel software do provide basic functionality and can be used to build a basic sales funnel.

However, in some of them, you would want to use more than one software to build a complete funnel.

If you are a beginner, then you should probably start with any one of these.

When you start making some money, You can slowly move towards paid tools like Clickfunnels, Kartra or Leadpages.

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Wix is the best one on this list. You can literally build a complete sales funnel using Wix like the one I explained above.

Tools like email marketing, customer management, membership pages, payment processing are all provided by Wix.

And the best part is that they are all free to use. There are some limitations but it won’t be a problem unless you start scaling up.

Even if you pay for a premium plan, which starts at $13/month. It’s not much when compared with Clickfunnels($97/month), Kartra($99/month) and others.

Some Wix features Worth Highlighting

1. Drag and Drop Builder

Wix has a flexible drag and drop builder which lets you design your landing in any way you want them to be.

There are a lot of elements that you can add which makes your website more functional and attractive.

You might get a little bit confused when using the editor for the first time, but you will eventually understand as you go on playing with it for a while.

2. Membership Portal

If you are planning to build a membership funnel, Wix might be the best one. Membership funnels are used by marketers to sell their courses or any premium content online.

In a Membership portal, you can offer multiple paid plans.

This means, you could restrict access to some pages according to a customers plan

This membership portal is not something that every website builders give away for free!. Many software like Clickfunnels, Kartra etc do have the same feature but charges more $97/month.

3. Email Marketing Tools

Wix comes integrated with an email marketing tool. It has almost all the features that other popular marketing tools offer.

Email marketing campaigns, Automations, marketing integrations are all included here.

Automations helps you send emails to your email list when a certain event or trigger happens.

You also get hundreds of email templates to choose from.

However, on the free plan, email marketing tool is quite limited unless you pay an extra for it. But, for a basic funnel, you do have everything you need in this free plan

One feature that’s quite missing from the Wix free plan is the payment feature. Including that too would have made Wix the perfect go-to product for every marketer.

However, you can accept payments if you upgrade to a premium plan. But, if you don’t want to pay, there’s a workaround for that which I’ll explain at the end of this post where we will discuss a bonus software.

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Mailchimp is basically an Email marketing software but due to its capability of building landing pages, and many other features it can be used for building sales funnel too.

Moreover, Mailchimp offers a pretty decent free plan which is perfect for you to build a sales funnel.

Once you exhaust your free plan, the premium plan starts at $9.99/month which is not much expensive in my opinion.

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Some Features of Mailchimp

1. Landing page builder

Mailchimp has a pretty good landing page builer, but not as good as Wix.

There are about 10 templates as of now for you to use. You can edit it according to your needs. Templates include lead capture pages, product pages etc.

The editor is very simple to use when compared with Wix.

2. Website builder (NEW feature!)

Mailchimp now lets you build a website completely on their platform.

However, the website builder is a very basic one and as of now, you don’t get a template gallery to choose from.

The website builder is pretty much useful if you want to build a clean website for you business or for your sales funnel.

3. Email Marketing

Mailchimp is mainly an email marketing software. And it’s not bad at all. It does keep up with some of the best email marketing tools like SendInBlue and Getresponse.

For a sales funnel, The number one important thing in an email marketing software would be the automations and campaigns.

Automations are quite easy to set up, but you don’t have a workflow like seen on SendInBlue and Getresponse. But, that’s excusable, I think.

4. Accept Payments

If you are planning to accept payments from your sales funnel, Mailchimp has an integrated software to help with that.

You will have to sign up with Square payments for this to be fully functional. Square payment is free but they take some processing fees for each transaction.

You can also use another free software with that, which I will discuss in the end.

Other Mailchimp features include creating ads, surveys, Social posts, etc

Jimdo + SendInBlue

This is a bit different one because we have to use two different software so that we can build a complete sales funnel.

Jimdo is just a website builder but it doesn’t have an email marketing software nor any other useful features integrated with it.

So, for that, we use SendInBlue. We could have just used SendInBlue alone, but the landing page builder only comes with a paid plan.

Some features of Both These Softwares Together

1. Website Builder

Jimdo is a dedicated website building software, but in spite of that, it doesn’t amaze me because of a number of reasons. Especially when you have something like Wix, which nails in this department.

The website builder is very basic with very few and outdated templates to use. I also found it a bit hard to use when compared with the above alternatives.

But, don’t get me wrong, It isn’t that bad. You can, however, build a nice looking landing page with this.

2. Email Marketing

SendInBlue is the best email marketing tool that I have ever used. It comes preloaded with almost everything on the free plan.

Things like email campaigns, automation, form builder, etc are all included for free but with certain limitations.

You can collect 2000 emails and send 300 emails/day on the free plan. That’s almost perfect for someone who’s starting out.

Moreover, their premium plans are much cheaper than most other tools out there. So, I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Now, both these tools combined, you can build a good sales funnel from scratch.

You will have to build a form from SendInBlue and then copy the code that you get for embedding. Paste the code on to your Jimbdo website. (Click on Add element from the edit menu and then select Widget/HTML. )

Bonus Software to Use!

A sales funnel isn’t complete if you don’t have a way to accept payments from your website. Wix and Jimbdo don’t allow you to do that.

So, there’s a software to help you with that

and It’s called Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting

Wave accounting is a free invoicing and accounting software with credit card processing and invoicing.

In simple terms, it helps you accept online payments and simplify your finances.

This software when combined with Wix or Jimdo will help you make an awesome sales funnel.

Wave accounting is completely free! They don’t even have any premium plans. I think that’s just perfect for someone like you and other small businesses.

It’s pretty easy to set up a checkout page on Wave accounting. I am not going to show that in this tutorial. But, if you need it somehow, let me know in the comment section below.

Which Sales Funnel Software Should I Choose?

I would highly recommend that you start with Wix and Wave accounting. Wix has everything that you will ever need in the starting stages of your business. This combined with Wave accounting will help you build an awesome funnel.

Mailchimp is also a great option. But if you are promoting an affiliate product, you might as well be careful of getting banned. I have had that experience myself when I tried to send an email promoting an affiliate product.

Jimdo + SendInBlue + Wave accounting is the last option that I would recommend.


So, Which out of the 3 will you choose to build your free sales funnel? Let me know it in the comment section below!

And Remember, the sales funnel which I have shown is just one strategy/method that you can use. There are literally many ways to build and market sales funnels.

If this particular sales funnel doesn’t convert well, then try and find different ways to build sales funnels

So that’s it! Now you now know how to create a free sales funnel and the different software that you can use to build them.

That’s it then!