How To Create a Landing Page Without a Website?

Landing pages are very important for a lot of digital marketers, influencers and other small businesses.

You need these landing pages in order to showcase and sell your products or services.

But, is it possible to create landing pages without a website?

Yes, you sure can. There are a lot of online tools that help in doing this. The one that I personally recommend is Getresponse. It’s basically a digital marketing tool which is quite affordable and has tons of features that makes it unique from other tools.

Best Landing Page Builder – GetResponse

Getresponse is surely one of the best and affordable landing page/digital marketing tools on the internet. It competes against some of the leaders like Clickfunnels and Kartra.

Due to its pricing and features, It surely does gives much more value than both the above-mentioned tools.

Getresponse allows you to create unlimited landing pages, collect up to 1000 leads, email autoresponder, create one funnel, and much more on their base plan which costs just $15/month.

The base plan of this tool is all you need start creating landing pages. And you will only need to spend more if you somehow want to build an email list more than 1000 leads.

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Landing Page Creation: Step-by-Step

Here’s how you can create a landing page without a website using Getresponse:-

1. Register on Getresponse

The first step is to register on Getresponse. They do offer a 30-day free trial, so you can surely test out the features before you choose a plan.

Go to Enter your email and click on Sign up Free.

Once you give the required details, you will end up in your Getresponse dashboard which will look almost like this:-

2. Creating Your Landing Page

To create a landing page, click on Create -> ‘Create Landing Page’.

You will be redirected to a page which will list hundreds of templates that you can literally use.

If you don’t want to use a template, just click on ‘Build from Scratch’. Clicking on that will show some plain templates that you can use.

3. Overview of the Landing Page Builder

Once you choose a template, you will be asked to enter a name for the page and then will be redirected to their landing page builder.

This builder is a very simple drag and drop builder and you can literally create an entire page within a very short span of time.

The side menu is situated on the right side of your page builder. It consists of different elements that you can add on to your page.

Hover over each of those elements to know what they are.

Sections helps you extend your page vertically so that you can add more elements to it.

Once an element is added you can change its shape and size. You can also customize the elements by double-clicking on them.

Nowadays, people browse on both mobiles and desktop. So, you will need to ensure that your landing page looks clean on both these devices. To check that, click on the mobile/desktop icon and see if all the elements are aligned and sized up correctly.

After you complete editing your landing page, click on ‘Next Step’. This will take you to a page like this

Here, you can update the name of your landing page, connect to a domain, add tracking link,s and much more.

Click on the Publish button and your landing page would be live.

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Additional Features of Getresponse

Email Marketing

If your main aim is to generate leads and convert them into customers, you will probably need this too.

You have the ability to schedule emails, send emails depending on different events that occurred etc.

Some tools associated with Email marketing are- email automations, autoresponder, creating newsletters, etc.

Funnel Builder

On the base plan of Getresponse, you also get access to build one sales funnel which can be used to sell your products/services or you could even build a simple lead magnet funnel.

If you do upgrade your plan, you can build more than one sales funnel.


Getresponse also has the option of hosting webinars. These are used mainly by experts who would want to share their knowledge with others.

However, you cannot host a webinar on your base plan and you will need to upgrade your plan.

Alternate Landing Page Builder

If email marketing is something that you do not want. You also have another landing page builder that’s much cheaper than Getrespones.

It’s called Fastpages. It is a dedicated landing page builder that’s quite new to the market and offers good features.

Fastpages starts at just $9/month and provides you with the basic features like unlimited landing pages, connecting custom domain, selling product or services, etc.

However, it does not feature an email marketing tool like Getresponse. And if you want to have one, you will need to integrate other email marketing tools with Fastpages.

Here’s an overview of the pricing plans that Fastpages provides:-

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Landing Page Creation on Fastpages

To create a landing page on Fastpages, you first have to register for an account. They do have a 14-day free trial so that you can test it out and see if it is working out for you.

Once registered, you will reach their dashboard which may look like this:-

After that click on Projects -> New Project, to create a new landing page.

You will be redirected to a page containing hundreds of different templates. You can choose one or start one from scratch.

This is how your landing page builder will look like

The left side menu allow you to edit your SEO, add popups, view the different sections, save and publish your page from here.

To add a section on to your page, just click on the 3 dots and it will show you to the different sections available.

Each sections can be edited further by clicking on the gear icon.

When you are all done, just click on publish which is situated on the left side bottom of the page.

After publishing, you will receive a link which can shared. You also have an option to connect to a custom domain, if that’s what you want.

Fastpages will help you in collecting leads but it does not have an email marketing tool built in. So you will have to connect it with other marketing tools, if you want to send emails to your prospects.

There is also one unique thing about Fastpages and that’s the speed of the pages created with it. I was able to get around 90-98 page speed on desktop mode when I created them with Fastpages.

Fastpages or Getresponse: Which One?

The answer to this is quite simple.

If you are someone who just wants to build extremely fast landing pages and sell your product or service without the need for an email marketing tool, Fastpages would be a great option for you.

But if you are someone who wants to make use of a powerful email marketing tool, build sales funnels, and of course, create awesome landing pages, Getresponse is the way to go.


With tools like Getresponse and Fastpages, it has become really easy for anyone to create landing pages without building an entire website.

Hope you were able to get some value from this post.