The Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make!

When you start a blog and rush on with it, there are numerous mistakes that many new bloggers do.

Whether you have started a personal blog or a blog for business, let it be anything, most people make these stupid mistakes

Here are the biggest mistakes new bloggers make.

Biggest mistakes new bloggers make

1.High Expectations!

So you started a brand new blog and you get this feeling that you are finally going to make some money from it in just a few days or weeks.

But that excitement for most people will last only a few weeks or maybe one month and these people end up quitting.


Because you start it with high expectations which you can never achieve. Some people even aim to make money from a blog in under 1 month which is quite impossible for a brand new blog. There are people who do it but that’s just a very rare case.

Believe me, people. You won’t be getting some crazy amount of page views in a couple of weeks or so. For that to happen, Either your post must have a great great great content, so that it goes viral.

Else you will need to work hard on your blog by producing quality posts so that within a year, your blog becomes established.

2. Quitting Early

Do you know that this is not my first blog?

I did quit from blogging last year thinking I won’t be successful in this blogging journey. But here I am again but in a different niche.

So why did I quit from my other blog?  It was mostly because I ran out of ideas and blog posts. I was also fed up with the low amount of traffic that I was receiving.

Consider Blogging like a business where you have to invest your time and money in order for it to be successful and most importantly, you have to be consistent.

You can’t just throw in some shitty posts to your blog and look at your analytics and say “Why can’t I get Traffic!” .That’s because ‘ Business ‘ doesn’t work that way.

Also, check out:

3. It’s “SIMPLE”

Most people think blogging is so simple that you just have to sit at home and write something in your free time.

NO!  That’s not how a successful blog works. You have to put a great amount of effort and time on your blog especially when you are starting.

There’s no such thing as simple or an easy way to earn money! Each and every job or business requires a lot of hard work so that you become successful in it.

If Blogging was Simple, Everybody would be in this blogging world but we don’t see that! Do We?

4. Niche Selection

When starting to blog, Niche selection is the number 1 thing that you would be worried about! Selecting your niche is everything because your blogging journey will depend on it.

If you select a niche which has low competition(which is great!) but you have no interest in that, then I can guarantee you that you won’t last for more than 1 month.

Select a niche that you are interested in or you have a great deal of experience in that field of area. For example, I chose this niche not because I have made money online but I have a great deal of experience by TRYING and FAILING countless times.

Yeah! I am going to be honest with you all. I have not made a single cent as of the day this post goes online.

But I have a huge experience in trying out different ways and methods to make some money in the online world. And That’s how this blog pretty much started.

5. Not Investing Money

This one, in my opinion, is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind when you start a blog. Most people go wrong right here.

Every single one of them looks for ways to start a blog for free either using with the free plan of or using

The thing is, if you are serious about blogging and you want to make some money from it, then I suggest you host your website on a web hosting company like Hostinger, Siteground and Bluehost. Hostinger is the cheapest of them all at just $0.80/month.

If you are completely new and don’t know where to start, blogging and affiliate marketing courses can help you. One such course is Income School’s Project 24. Be sure to check it out.

So that’s it.

Whatever you do, Just keep this in mind, you will fail a thousand times, it doesn’t matter. You just gotta keep trying until you succeed.

I am a person who has been trying to make some money over the past 2 years and STILL hasn’t made a single penny. But I keep trying, hoping one day that I will succeed in this.

Hope you liked it! If you want to ask something, there is a comment box right below this. Ask Away!