7 Passive Income Website Ideas

Passive income is every person’s dream. The ability to make money even while you are sleeping is something that every person adores and wants.

However, only a few people really do it.

A passive income website or a niche website is one of the best ways to generate passive income. you can earn money through affiliate marketing, ads and even info products.

Below, I have listed 7 different ideas/niches that you can use to generate passive income from a website.

What is a Passive Income Website?

A passive income website is a website that brings you consistent income every month passively. This means that if a blog post is published and if it does have ads or affiliate products listed, it will be generating you an income as long as there is traffic to it.

So, this means once a work is done(blog post), it can bring you some passive income without you working more on it.

This is quite the opposite of active income where you continuously work in order to bring in an income, like a day job.

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7 Passive Income Website Ideas

People usually select a niche or a topic in which they are interested because that usually works the best. This is because you are more likely to stick on with your website if you know about it and that you are genuinely interested in it.

However, if you are struggling to find niches, here are 7 best passive income website ideas for you:-

1. Exposing Scams and Fake Gurus

The Internet has been one of the many places where people are getting scammed. Most of these scams happen in the internet marketing industry.

It’s not only just about scams but also about those fake gurus who try to sell their $1000 courses to you.

You could easily start a website that specifically exposes such scams. This niche is never going to die as scams and fake gurus are never going to end.

If you can, try starting a YouTube channel alongside a website. You could take off quite easily.

If you want an example of this, check out Coffeezilla on Youtube.

2. Gaming as a Career

Gaming is something that a lot of people do in their leisure time. Some even go the extra mile and become a professional esports player.

However, information about gaming as a career is very much limited.

I think it would be a great niche if you could find different keywords and topics that gamers are most likely to search and write content about them.

The only problem here would be that most of the searches might come from kids or students between the age of 13 – 20. So, it’s pretty hard to monetize apart from ads.

3. Fantasy Football

If you are someone who loves watching football (either American or European football), you could participate in their official fantasy sports.

It’s basically a game where people can create their own fantasy team and compete against each other. Points are awarded to each teams depending on the players they chose and how well they performed. At the end of every season, participants get various rewards depending on their worldwide rankings.

You as a website/blog owner could give advice on how to select good players, weekly team updates, and a lot more.

The only problem would be that this is seasonal. However, during the offseason time, you could talk more about transfers and how they would affect different teams next season.

4. Container Homes

Container homes are homes/houses that are built using shipping containers. These homes are inexpensive, strong and can be built in a short span of time.

Container homes are becoming popular these days and the google trends data surely shows an upward trend in searches.

You could create content on building, designing, customizing these homes.

It’s also highly monetizable with ads and affiliate products. You could sign up as affiliates to websites l that sell home decor products like Amazon, Target and Home Depot.

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5. Test Prep

Test Prep sites are websites which teach you how to ace an exam or a specific test. It can be something like SAT, GMAT or any exam that you have taken.

You could provide guidance, test papers, sample questions etc, for a particular exam.

The only problem is that you should literally study and crack an exam to practically start this website.

If you can do that, then you could create an online course on how to do it and how you prepared for it. Believe me or not, it will surely help you make a ton of money.

6. Survival/ Disaster Preparedness

There are a lot of disaster-prone areas like Japan, China, Indonesia etc and the people living in these areas need to be prepared for these disasters.

For example – Japan accounts for about 20 per cent of the Worlds earthquakes. Due to this, people built their houses with Wood structures which are resistant to earthquakes.

There are many other things that you could add in this niche and the opportunities are endless.

Have a look at this site if you are planning to start a website in this niche.

7. Drones

Drones have become quite popular in the last 5-7 years. It has been used by videographers, filmmakers, travel enthusiasts for quite a lot of things.

You could possibly create articles on different keywords related to drones and can quite possibly rank on Google because there is less competition.

Your articles can be made more lively if you can afford a particularly popular drone and write content about them. (like a review, problems of the drone, comparisons etc)

Along with a Blog, you could start a YouTube channel too which could make your growth a little bit faster.

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How to Start a Passive Income Website?

If you already have a website, you can skip this part. But if you don’t have, please do read this as it will help you set up your website.

Starting a website is one of the few low investment ways to make passive income. It requires as low as $3.95/month to start as you only need 2 things and that is a domain name and a hosting platform.

I recommend Bluehost because it has proven to be fast, reliable and cheap. Moreover, you get a free domain and a free SSL certificate along with it (Which saves around $20 together).

A small Tip – When you are on the checkout page of Bluehost. After the page loads completely, Move your cursor to the top, a pop up will appear which will give you a discount. Click on “Claim savings” and buy it. 

One more Tip – Uncheck all the “Extras” during checkout. (Will save you a lot of money).

Once you buy the hosting and domain from Bluehost, you will go through a setup wizard. Follow the instructions correctly and finally, you will be redirected to their dashboard where you can log in to your WordPress website.

Once you log in to your dashboard, it might look somewhat like this.

That’s it. You are all set to write your first article.

If you are quite new to blogging, I would highly suggest you go through my free blogging course or you could check out Income School on Youtube (They are the best blogging teachers).

Passive Income Website: Should You Buy or Create One?

In the case of a website, you can buy or create one from scratch.

If you are a beginner and knows nothing about blogging, I would probably advise you to start a blog from scratch. That way you would know more about managing a blog.

However, if you do have some experience in blogging, you can buy an already existing blog. This is somewhat risky and you should dig a lot deeper into a website before you buy one.

Sites like Flippa and Empire Flippers has a large portfolio of websites that are on sale. You could head over there if you want to buy one.

So, I hope I was able to provide some good passive income website ideas for you. If you liked, please do share it with your other peer bloggers.