Review! Is it Legit Or Scam? review – When it comes to making money online, People rush and signup for any shit that they see on the Internet. It might have been promoted by some Youtubers or some other bloggers, But, these people just want views and won’t care about its legitness. is one such site that I saw on the Internet and to be straightforward it is a SCAM website. If you want to know why it’s a Scam website, Let’s find out in this review.

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What is is an influencer marketing platform. They claim that they connect you(influencer) with different brands such as Amazon, Apple(No shit!), Epic games, etc. offers $10 for each person that you refer to. Woah! That’s a lot for just one person.

From the knowledge that I know of, These guys aren’t gonna pay you. Their primary objective might be selling the information that you give when you signup.

Now, there are definitely some reasons why I absolutely don’t recommend using this website. Let’s see below.

Why is a Scam? has got a great looking website and doesn’t look like a scam one when you first view it. But I managed to find some loopholes that prove that this website is not a legit one.

Here is why :

1. Doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Any legitimate business which pays money online should definitely have an SSL certificate. This website doesn’t have one.

They claim to be a million dollar company which doesn’t even have the money to pay for an SSL certificate. That’s weird!

That’s ok. Let’s assume that they forgot about that. Let’s move to the next one.

2. Recent Payments

When you head over to the testimonials tab in the menu. You might see a recent payments section and the testimonial section.

Wherever you see this recent payments section, not just this website, just remember that about 90% of these are fake. They are generated randomly using some WordPress Plugins and other software.

For egs: You might have seen something like “XYZ just bought ABC for $49 9 minutes ago”. This is completely fake and is done using one of the plugins like this

3. Testimonials

Testimonials cannot be proved fake until we find who that particular person is. But here, This can be proved without knowing that.

As you can see, was started on February 20 2019! Now see the below screenshot.

Do you see this “Member since 2018”. Feels Funny right?

4. Claims to have Paid out $14.5 Million!

A Company that started in February paid out 14.5 Million Dollars. Can you believe that? Even Multinational companies take time to do that.

As I said before, they claim to be partnering with Apple for influencer marketing. And Apple does not partner with small influencers like us.

They also claim this

6. contact email doesn’t exist.

It says that you can contact them with the email address –, But in reality, that email doesn’t exist.

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Should You Signup on

If you want to waste time, effort and risk giving your information to third parties, You are free to join.

From the above reasons, we can clearly say that is not a legit website. I would recommend everyone to stay from these stupid websites. Rather look for other online jobs that really allows you to make some money.

There are people on the internet(mainly YouTube), who post videos like “How to make $10 in just 2 clicks” kind of videos. Believe me, these won’t work.

I have watched hundreds of videos like these on YouTube in the last 3 years. None, I mean none of these videos are of use. They all just tricks their viewers. I don’t know how the hell does these people get subscribers from?


There are countless websites on the internet that do this same kind of businesses. Just stay away from them and look for other legitimate online business.

Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Dropshipping, Freelancing are other areas where you can make some money online.

Hope I have helped you with this review.