Is ClickBank Legit? Or Is It a Scam Website?

ClickBank is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate marketplaces on the internet. It’s not only the biggest but also one of the highest paying platforms.

There are hundreds and thousands of products on ClickBank. But affiliates often ask “Is Clickbank legit and if they are a trustworthy platform?”

Yes, Clickbank is 100% legit and is not a scam website. They have been in business for more than 20 years and have been a great place for many affiliate marketers. However, most of the products that are available in their affiliate marketplace are either crap or a scam.

Since you are the one promoting the product, you must know whether that particular product is a legit one or not.

So, here I will help you identify those spammy Clickbank products and maybe you can stop promoting them.

Disclaimer – This page may contain links to affiliate websites, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchase made by you on the affiliate website using such links.

What is ClickBank?

For the Beginners out there, ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace where you can promote products from their marketplace and make money.

Affiliates from ClickBank usually make money by promoting these products through Youtube, Blogs, advertising on Facebook, etc.

Why ClickBank?

Clickbank is one of the highest paying affiliate platform on the planet. You can almost earn 50%-70% commission on each sale of a product.

It literally has products in every niche that you want. So, whatever niche you are on, you will most probably find a product to promote.

The quantity of products on Clickbank is enormous however, the quality of them isn’t. You will find a lot of get-rich-quick schemes etc being listed on the platform and it is a pain in the ass to find a good product to promote.

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How to Identify Scam Products On ClickBank?

I am an affiliate marketer and whenever I recommend affiliate products, I usually check whether they are legit or not.

I believe most people do this too!

Because recommending a spammy product is like degrading your own online business. It will eventually lead to losing your customers trust.

But, How can you identify such products?

Searching Google for reviews is useless because a lot of those articles are going to come from these Clickbank affiliates claiming it to be a top-notch product while the reality is going to be the opposite

So, Here’s a way –

Sales pages of Clickbank products are the best place to start. So, before you promote a Clickbank product. Check out their sales page and look out for these red flags:-

1. Get rich Quick Claims

You would find this on a lot of products under the e-marketing niche.

If these pages claims something like “Make $1000 with just 2 hours of work per week” or something like that, they are 100% going to be a SCAM!

The below screenshot is indeed one of them.

“Generate Sales while in Bed”!! Haha! People still fall for these bullshit offers.

This is just one of them and there are countless of these on Clickbank. So, try to stay away from those affiliate products.

2. Reverse Search The Images on Google

This is the best way to figure out if that company is lying about its product. Just reverse search those photos in the testimonial section or any other photos on the page.

To reverse search an image on google, simply right click on the image and select “Search Google For Image”

If you get that exact image on another webpage with different content, That company is making false claims.

I will show you an example.

There is a product called YouTube Secrets on ClickBank and for the people who don’t know this, It is a scam.

I reversed searched one of the testimonial images on Google and this is what I found-

It was actually taken from a news article. Period.

3. Check For False Claims.

In order to build a feeling of trust, companies make false claims like they add something like “As seen on:-, Apple and blah blah” or they even claim to be working with these multinational companies.

One thing to note is that about 99.9% of the Clickbank products do not have a partnership with these big companies and most of these claims are nothing but pure lies.

The product YouTube Secrets had this on their page which pretty much sums up that it was a scammy product.

4. Check Domain Age and Compare it with the Testimonial Date

Almost all Products provide testimonials to lure customers into buying their product. Sometimes these testimonials will also have a date on them.

This is great because you could actually compare it with the domain age and see if it’s a legit product or not.

You can check the domain age of a website on Duplichecker.

Also, compare some of the dates on the website with that of the domain age. Because you might see some of these products claim that they have been in the industry for 5+ or 10+ years while actually, their domain age might just be over a year!

5. Check the Email Address Provided

Check the validity of the email address provided on the contact page. You can check the validity of an email address here.

Most businesses should have a contact email address if it’s a legit company.

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Other Alternatives to ClickBank

Now, there are alternatives to Clickbank but, I believe no other platform gives away much higher commissions than this.

However, If you want, Here are some alternatives:-

1. ShareAsale

ShareAsale is an affiliate marketing network just like Clickbank but has more reputable products. HP, Nike etc can be promoted using ShareAsale.

The problem with ShareAsale is that you have to be approved by each affiliate program so that you start promoting their products.

The commission depends on each product and is not much higher to ClickBank

2. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate is one of the oldest and the biggest affiliate network. Their advertisers are some of the biggest names on the web.

It posses the same problem as that of ShareASale, you need to be approved by each affiliate program to be able to promote them.

3. Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a place for Internet marketers who are on the Make money online niche.

It has a marketplace where you can sell your own products or find products that you can promote to your audience, or even purchase some products for yourself.

This platform also do have a lot of scam products. So make sure you check the legitimacy of the product before you promote.

4. JvZoo

Jvzoo is also an affiliate platform where you can promote their products for a commission. Their commission rate ranges between 35% and 75%.

There are different kinds of products in the JvZoo marketplace like software, ebook, courses etc.

JvZoo is also another platform like Clickbank and Warrior plus with a lot of scam products. Do your own reserach before you promote their products.

Conclusion – So, Is ClickBank Legit?

ClickBank is a legit platform and they pay you for sales that you make but the products in its marketplace may not be legit ones. There are both scammy and legit products in the ClickBank Marketplace.

The only way to segregate them would be using the method that I discussed above.

Now, these kinds of scam products are also available on other affiliate platforms like Warrior Plus and JvZoo. So, when promoting it’s always better to check the legitimacy of that particular product.

To always have the trust of your visitors, it is better if you promote just the genuine products that are available on ClickBank or any other affiliate platforms.

Hope I have answered your question. Until next time!