YouTube Secrets Review! Is it a Scam? – Stashlr

YouTube is an awesome platform to start making money and some people make millions from them.

Some say there is some “Secret Formula” to the success of these YouTubers. And these are the ones who make these scam websites in order to lure in some money.

So, Today I will be reviewing one such scam program called Youtube Secrets by Mike Williams.

Now, This program is a Scam and if you don’t want to waste any more time, you could look into my number 1 recommendation to make some money online.

What is YouTube Secrets?

Youtube Secrets is basically an online course which teaches you how to make money on YouTube with no Filming and marketing.

At least, That’s what they claim!

The only way to make youtube videos without filming would be to copy other videos on Youtube and then posting it again. And that’s exactly what this course will teach you. Pathetic!

Now, This method usually works only when using videos that are labeled as creative commons. But, I do not recommend it.

Why is YouTube Secrets a Scam?

There are solid reasons why I say Youtube Secrets is a Scam. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

1. The Man From The Video is Fake.

The first thing that you would see when you go to their website is a video where a man claiming to be Mike Williams explaining the product.

This Guy is not Mike Williams. He is a person whom you can hire on Fiverr for just $5 to say something. Don’t believe me? Look below.

Looks like He is Wearing the Same Costume Too! Lol!

In my case, that’s all I would need to stop from purchasing that product/program.

The real man behind that website may or may not be Mike Williams, It’s probably going to be a randomly generated fake name.

2. Testimonials are Fake

All those testimonials are fake. I happened to check the name and photos on Google for each of these people.

Guess what I found?

One of the photos from them was taken from another website. Check the screenshot below!

If these testimonials were real, I would have at least seen one Youtube channel when searching for their names on Youtube. But, none of them had one.

3. Misleading Customer

They say “$10K/Month with Just 30 Minutes of Work Per Week”

No way! That gives a completely wrong impression that making money on Youtube is so easy.

He also says in that video that he will provide 1-on-1 private consultations with him. I don’t know why he says that because you see, A person called Mike Williams DOESN’T exist here.

So is Youtube Secrets a Scam?

Yes, Of course, it is. And I probably don’t want you to buy that product.

This product is mostly sold by affiliate marketers on ClickBank. There are a lot of good reviews about this product. That’s because these affiliate marketers mostly don’t know if they are fake or not.

To be frank, I am a Clickbank affiliate myself and was going to write a good review in order to earn some commissions. But, while I was searching for this product on Google. I saw something fishy and soon realised this was all a scam.

So that’s all about the YouTube Secrets Review.

What You Should Do Instead?

A lot of people are looking for ways to make money online and that’s how some people fall into the hands of these scammers.

I help people start new online businesses on this blog and have been doing it for the past 9 months. All the posts published here are legit and will help you make money online if you consistently work for it.

The best way to make some passive income online is to start an affiliate marketing website or a blog. Now, This is not a get rich quick scheme and you will not see results within 1 day nor in 6 months. It would take at least 1 year for you to get a steady flow of income.

If you want to start a blog right now, click here and follow those steps one by one.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] I will always help.