10 Killer Tips To Write an Engaging Blog Post

Have you ever written an article or blog post that has received a huge amount of comments, shares, and likes?

Probably Not! And that’s why you’re here! right?

Publishing a great blog post that gets a lot of engagement is every blogger’s dream. But, only a few people tend to achieve them.

It might be because of their writing style, their creativity, uniqueness etc.

So, Today in this article, I am going to show you 10 tips to write an engaging blog post that can get you a lot of comments and shares.

What is an Engaging Blog Post?

Engaging blog posts are articles that gets a good amount of comments and shares. Due to this, your visitors tend to come back to your website.

It might be due to the way you have written the article, might be because of its uniqueness, creativeness, etc. It can be anything!

Even just one great blog post can have a huge impact on your blog. Many people may come back again in search of articles like these. The only thing you have to do is to keep creating good articles and never let these visitors slip away.

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10 Tips to Write an Engaging Blog Post

Here are 10 killer tips to help you write an amazing blog post that can drive in a lot of traffic and engagement.

1. Create Unique, Useful and Creative Content

“Quality over Quantity”!

I know this is something that everyone single content marketer says and that is because this simply is very true.

Creating quality content matters. For egs, In the starting days of this blog, in order to teach myself about SEO, digital marketing, etc, I used to research a lot.

While researching, I would find some topics like “SEO” which had over hundreds and thousands of articles. And the annoying thing about them is that almost everyone talks about the same lame method that only “Professional Bloggers” can do.

But, I happened to find one Youtube channel that spoke differently. And I have been a fan of that channel since then. They are the ones who helped me reach where I am right now.

And that Youtube channel is “Income School“.

Now, Why did I keep going there often?

Because of the unique, useful and creative content that they published. That which gave me results! And not just “proofs” and fake “facts”, like most other marketers!

2. Use a “Hook”

A hook is something that you use in your blog post that can make the visitor stick on the current page and continue reading.

Statistics from Time reveal that 55% of the users stay on the page for only 15 sec!

So, You have 15 seconds to grab the readers attention and make them read the entire article.

If the introduction of the page or the first 5-10 sentences does not appeal to the audience, you might be losing a lot of people.

Make your introductions shorter with one paragraph containing one sentence. Also, try asking a question. Or add some kind facts or figures in the first 10 sentences that can make your visitor stick to the content.

3. Use Photos and Videos

Take 2 blog posts, one with photos and videos between text and another which has only written content.

In your perspective, which one are you going to read?

That one with the media, right?

Photos and videos are the type of content that makes your blog post colourful and appealing. Most people don’t like reading just text content and might move out of your blog if they don’t find any media.

The images that you add to your blog must be something that you own or should be a stock image. Do not use other people’s content. Even, if you are planning to use, give a source link under the image.

You can get stock images like the above one from websites like Unsplash.com or Pexels.com.

Most videos that I add are from Youtube. This need not be something you made. It can be any relevant video that you think would be a great fit for your article.

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4. Use “Share to Social Media” Plugins

This is something that’s really crucial!

If a person likes your article, chances are that he would share it with his followers or friends on social media.

But, if you don’t have a Share button like the one you can see on the left side of this page, you are surely missing out so much.

Because we humans are lazy and you can’t expect people to copy your article’s URL and share it on their social media!

People need something that’s simple! Like a Share button!

I use sumo, which is basically an email marketing tool and has an integrated sharing feature. You may use any other plugin of your choice.

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5. Create Content on Controversial Topics

Creating articles on controversies is a great way to attract more visitors as well as keep them engaged.

However, you have to keep this in mind:- There will be a lot of hate comments on your blogs. People will even start messaging you.

So, if are a person who can’t handle those situations, it’s always better to keep away from writing those content.

But, if you can, it might bring in some supporters and regular readers to your blog.

Moreover, these type of content also gets shared on Social media which brings in more traffic and exposure to your website.

6. Create Infographics

Infographics are large images that give a preview or a brief description of something. These type of content are mostly shared on platforms like Pinterest.

They attract not only blog readers but also publishers like you and me.


Content writers or publishers love adding infographics and related diagrams on their blog posts. So, if they find your infographics to be relevant or useful, they are most likely to add them to their blog and give you a link back.

So, infographics help you out in 2 ways, getting a backlink as well as bringing in more traffic.

Source: https://mymodernmet.com/30-cool-infographics/

These infographics can be created using software like Canva. But, if you don’t know how to create one you could hire a freelancer from Upwork to do it for you.

7. Ask Provoking Questions

Asking questions in your article is a great way to engage your visitors.

For Egs- In this article, I could ask you guys something like this –

How many of these tips are you going to implement on your next blog post? (Feel Free To answer them in the comment section!)

Some people may or may not comment!

But, Make sure that you respond to each every comment. This is really important!

If you look into each one of my posts, you will find that I personally answer to everyone in the comment section.

That’s how you need to be!

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8. Use Short Sentences and Paragraphs.

Which one from the above articles do you prefer to read?

Most of you would choose the left one!

Your visitors are most likely to stay on your page way longer if you start writing blog posts in short sentences and small paragraphs.

9. Use Quotes, Statistics and Facts

Quotes, facts and Stats are a way to make your article more appealing and way more unique than your competitors.

Starting your blog post with a quote would be a great intro, sometimes that can help in making your visitors stay a while longer on the page.

People love reading facts and stats especially if they are insane and are rarely known.

Bringing up your own statistics based on your research and findings can be really effective. If other publishers see these stats that are relevant to their article, they will most probably add them on their blog. One example is shown below

10. Find Viral Topics in Your Niche

Writing about hot and viral topics is a great way to bring your blog into the spotlight. These topics might not be evergreen but still can bring heaps of traffic in one go.

But, how do you find viral topics in your niche?

The best way is to use Twitter. Twitter has a feature where you can see the trending and the most talked topics right now.

Another way is to use Google Trends. It also shows you the current hot topics in each country.

Once you choose a topic, write an article about it as fast as you can and start promoting it on all social media accounts that you have.

Organic traffic most probably won’t come to your blog for these kinds of topics especially if you are new. So, marketing and gaining momentum on social media is the only way to drive in traffic to these kinds of articles.

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Just implementing these tips won’t bring in traffic unless you do a proper keyword research and write a high-quality article that everyone would love.

That way none of your competitors would be able to beat you for that keyword.

Keyword research is a crucial step and never skip that. Because even if you write a perfect article but the competition for that keyword was too high, you would never even touch the first page of Google.

(If you want, here’s a small video on how you can properly do keyword research)

I hope these 10 killer tips will help you write an engaging blog post for your website and bring in huge traffic for years to come.

If you liked it, please don’t forget to share them with your friends.