Launch Jacking Tutorial – Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing

Are you tired of promoting Clickbank and other affiliate products because you haven’t made even a dollar?

Ha! Don’t worry!

There are hundreds and thousands of newbie bloggers and affiliate marketers just like you who are still not able to do that. That’s why I will introduce you to Launch Jacking.

Launch Jacking can help you get your first income online, even if you are new.

Disclaimer – This page may contain links to affiliate websites, and we receive an affiliate commission for any purchase made by you on the affiliate website using such links.

Launch Jacking Tutorial

What is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is the method by which you promote products that are not yet released. It’s kind of like Affiliate marketing but by using unreleased products. When these products go on sale from your website, you get a commission.

But, Why Launch Jacking?

Since the affiliate product is new, there won’t be any reviews on the Internet and you have a chance to be on the first page of Google, even if your website is new. Or in short, Launch Jacking will help you rank on the first page of Google and eventually get more traffic and sales.

Well! Let me explain it in detail for you right from the start.

  1. Choosing an Unreleased Affiliate Product
  2. Setting up Your Launch Jacking Website
  3. Writing The Article
  4. Driving Traffic

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Choosing an Unreleased Affiliate Product

There are 3 websites where you should look out for unreleased and new products. They are –

When you head over to Munch eye, There will be three categories – Big Launches, All Launches and Newly Released.

Each of these categories will have a list of upcoming product launches with their respective release dates.

Now, when choosing a product from that list, there are some factors that you need to be concerned about. This is the only step where you would have to spend a little bit of time and effort. Now, select a product by following the below parameters –

  • Always try selecting products from the Big Launches category. These products are most likely created by successful people who have had success in the past.
  • Is the product currently needed in the market?
  • What type of product it is.
  • Cost of the Product.
  • Each of these products has a link to their affiliate page. Head over to the affiliate page and check out how experienced this product creator is. It will usually contain this information at the bottom of the affiliate page.
  • Check out the sales page. Does it look spammy or is it good enough?
  • Google the product and check for any other reviews. If there are other reviews, it is better to look for another product.
  • Select a product whose launch is at least in 2 weeks.

When you have selected a product, email the product creator asking him a copy of the product or just some additional information about the product. This will help you write your article on the product.

Most of the products from MunchEye are from JVZoo and WarriorPlus Affiliate Platforms. So you would need to sign up for each one of them to get an affiliate link.

The next step is to create a website so that you can promote your affiliate product there.

Setting up Your Launch Jacking Website

Almost all online businesses require a website. I will explain both the free method as well as the paid method to start your own website.

I strongly recommend that you choose the paid method, it offers more functionalities and gives you more control of your website. But for beginners, Maybe the free method is enough.

Free Method- is the best place to start if you want to start a site for free. They have paid plans too and you can upgrade once you start making some money. and are completely different platforms and if you want to know the differences, check this out.

The problem with using the free plan of WordPress is that you only get a domain like and you can’t change it unless you upgrade to a paid plan.

Another problem is that WordPress shows ads to your visitors for which you won’t receive any money.

You can Signup on Here

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Paid Method-

The Paid method, however, is much better and gives you full control of your website. It involves buying of 2 things – A host and a domain.

You can buy hosting from Bluehost, Hostinger, Siteground, etc. But the one I would recommend is Bluehost.

I was really surprised by how cheap Bluehost’s hosting plans were. You can buy a WordPress hosting for just $2.95/month. For that price, you get a FREE domain and a free SSL certificate with it.

Bluehost, in my opinion, is the best cheap hosting you can get online.

Get 65% off on Bluehost

The next thing you need to buy is a domain. If you bought your WordPress hosting from Bluehost you won’t need to buy another.

There are 2 ways to name your website. You can either name it as the name of the affiliate product that you chose in the previous step or you could just choose other names.

I would recommend you choose any random name that you like so that you can review more than one affiliate product. If you aren’t getting any names, just head over to and type in some keywords. It would suggest some good unique brand names.

If you didn’t choose Bluehost, you can buy the domain name from Hostinger or from any other domain name registrars like Godaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost etc.

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Writing The Article For Your Affiliate Product

The main idea behind launch jacking is to provide information to your visitors on the newly launched product. And to ensure that they buy the product.

To write an article on WordPress, go to Posts -> Add New.

Before writing the content, I recommend you install Rank Math SEO or the Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you write an SEO optimized article. These plugins won’t be available if you selected the free method in the previous step.

These plugins help you to rank on google for some specific keywords. In order to do that, make sure you add your keyword in the focus keyword input box at the bottom of your page.

When writing the content, keep these points in mind

  • The title should be something like “Your affiliate Product Review”. The review keyword is necessary.
  • Make sure that your content is longer than 1000 words.
  • Your content should be well written and structured
  • The article must provide some value.
  • The visitors should be able to decide whether or not they should buy the product after reading your article.
  • The rest of the SEO optimization and readability analysis will be done by either of the above plugins. Just make sure you follow their suggestions and instructions.

And Don’t forget to add in your affiliate links in the post.

Driving Traffic.

This is the last thing that you would want to worry in the case of launch jacking. Since the product hasn’t yet launched, there won’t actually be any product reviews for it.

Your article might not get any visitors until the product releases. But once it gets released, there is a high chance for your blog post to get some good traffic and eventually reaching the top of Google.

I can’t guarantee any traffic, because it really depends on how you write your content and the competition from other launch jackers. But the people doing this method are really, really low. So, it’s not much big of a deal.

Promoting this type of articles on Social media is not a pretty good idea and won’t get you any customers unless the product is that good.

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Now, I have to say there are literally many professional affiliate marketers who make money by using this technique. But these guys won’t ever tell this trick.


Competition. When more people start launch jacking, it can negatively impact their rankings on Google and ultimately leading to fewer conversions.

So, If you find this launch jacking tutorial article somewhere, try to implement this method and share it with your friends.

Who knows, This might even replace your 9-5 Job!