How To Scale Your eCommerce Business Using Fiverr?

Please Read – Lately, I came to know that Fiverr was an Israeli based company. I am completely against Israel and anything that funds them. Since, I rank on Google for this post, I thought it would be better to let people know this instead of just deleting this post. That way, I may be able to convince atleast 1 or 2 to stay away from this platform. I used to promote them in the past (as an affiliate) and now I have stopped it completely. Try using other platforms like Upwork or Toptal but please try to stay away from Fiverr. #FreePalastine

Plenty of talent goes behind to establish a successful eCommerce website. You need a web developer for making a beautiful website, you need graphic designers for your logos and icons, writers for writing content for your website, and much more. For a professional eCommerce business, there is no alternative to professional talents.

Fiverr allows the ease of hiring professional talent at competitive prices that will help you scale your eCommerce business. With Fiverr establishing a professional eCommerce website is both cost-effective and super convenient. From developers, designers to writers, anything you might need, you will most probably find it on Fiverr.

In this article, I will try my best to explain how you can scale your eCommerce business with Fiverr. So, I would advise that you read till the end to get a proper understanding of growing your business.

8 Ways To Scale Your eCommerce Business with Fiverr

To grow your business, you are going to have to enhance the looks, design, and performance. A clean and fast website is bound to result in higher conversion rates. So, the importance of a well looking and performing website is undeniable.

It’s not always just about the website, things like marketing, content, etc also play a vital role in building and growing your business.

Fiverr can surely help you in all of this.

And by the way, If you haven’t registered on Fiverr yet, Go register on their platform now!

Here are some talents that you would need to scale up your business –

1. Web Developer

Now if you already have an eCommerce website then you might not need a web developer. But take a moment to analyze your website.

Is it fast enough? Does it have an intuitive design? Is it clean and clutter-free? Is it mobile-friendly? Is it better than your competitors?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is no then hiring a web developer might just help you out.

Many people new to eCommerce think that using a premade theme is enough. And sure, for starting out, it is. But if you want your business to grow and stand out from your competition then hiring a good web developer would be your best investment.

With a custom-made website, you have full control over how your website looks and the features it provides. This is a great way to stand out from the thousands of other websites saturating the internet and bring in more customers.

You can find plenty of web developers working at very affordable to premium rates on Fiverr. So, no matter what your budget is you are sure to find one.

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2. Graphic Designer

You are going to need a graphic designer to handle the visual aspects of your business. Such as an attractive logo, clean yet stylish icons, and other graphical content.

Your logo in particular is a vital part of your website’s success. Something many fail to notice.

And that’s not all.

A graphic designer can provide you with all sorts of illustrations that provide some personality to your website that not only helps you stand out from the millions of websites out there but also makes navigating your site easier.

3. Content Writer

A content writer is essential for any sort of website.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is king”.

And that is very true even for eCommerce websites. And it’s not just for writing for your “About Us” page.

Well-written product descriptions have shown to be much more effective at converting visitors to customers.

If you have a social media page then hiring a content writer to write engaging posts will also bring more traffic to your website.

Many new to eCommerce fail to understand the importance of blogs. But it is one of the best ways to reach more people.

Publishing helpful blogs can and will help your website to reach thousands of internet users and that is for the fraction of the cost of advertising.

Targeting low competitive search terms and publishing relevant content will ensure a healthy amount of organic traffic towards your site. And I think the benefit of that needs no explanation.

Now you might think that you can do all that stuff by yourself. And maybe you can. But entrusting this task to a good writer will free you up to handle much more important stuff. Like actually making sales.

Thankfully, there are thousands of experienced writers on Fiverr. So, you can definitely expect to find a good writer within your budget with just a few simple clicks.

4. SEO Expert

SEO or Search engine optimization is crucial for starting an eCommerce website. There is no point in publishing content and displaying your products or services if your website does not reach your target customers. And that’s what SEO experts are for.

They understand search engines through and through and know how to allow your customers to find your website.

Remember, if your site does not rank on the first page upon searchers then you have absolutely no chance of making sales.

Just think for a second. When was the last time you clicked on page two on your Google searches?

Make sure you invest well in an SEO expert. Fiverr is filled with self-proclaimed SEO gurus and bluff artists. So, be wary of who you employ. Invest adequately and assess the people offering SEO services thoroughly before choosing one.

5. Digital Marketer

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube – these are websites where internet users spend most of their time. A digital marketer works to target these users to increase sales. So, I’m sure you understand why you need a digital marketer.

Different marketers specialize in different platforms. So, you might need a number of them at your disposal to fully take advantage of social media users.

You can be sure that hiring a marketer for each popular platform will exponentially increase your sales and return any investment you did if you played your cards right.

If you don’t have enough money to market it on every platform, then choose a platform that you currently aren’t using and then hire a freelancer on Fiverr specific to the platform you chose.

Social media aren’t just the places where you can advertise. Native advertising, Pay per click advertising, etc can also be used.

P.S – Facebook and Instagram advertising has become so common and competitive. It would be better if you look into other platforms (particularly, native advertising) where there is less competition.

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6. Sales Funnel Expert

This is something that very few eCommerce entrepreneurs implement on their websites. Sales funnels are absolutely necessary when you try to scale up your online store.

So, a sales funnel is a series of steps that a visitor on your website goes through to finally convert them into a paying customer. To know more about a sales funnel, please watch the below video till 1:18.

Let’s say you are selling a phone.

On a normal website, a visitor who intends to buy the phone just purchases it and leaves your store.

But that’s completely different on a store with a sales funnel.

Here, as your visitor checks out, he will be asked whether he wants a phone cover, a screen guard, or some other accessories along with it. Since he’s already purchasing it, there’s a high chance that he will buy it.

This eventually increases your average order value and hence more profit.

There are a lot of funnel experts on Fiverr. Make sure you look at the reviews and hire an expert.

7. Customer Support

All the things I’ve talked about until now are for bringing customers to your website. But customer support is to ensure your customers are satisfied with your service and come back for more.

Obviously, many of your visitors will have tons of queries considering your service. And you can’t possibly handle hundreds to thousands of calls all by yourself. For that, you can take the help of Fiverr and hire companies/freelancers that provide customer support-related services.

8. Lawyer

When running a growing business, you need someone to advise you on planning out your policies, legal matters, agreements, partnerships, taxes, etc. And that’s where lawyers come in handy.

On Fiverr, you can find plenty of registered lawyers offering legal consultations and other services for a fraction of the cost you’d expect from a real-life one.

Sure, having a real-life person you can talk to is convenient but for many new company owners that might be a bit above their budget. In that case, hiring Fiverr lawyers is the next best thing.

Why Choose Fiverr?

Being the most popular freelance website, Fiverr draws in millions of customers and service sellers every year. That creates a hyper-competitive environment which results in lower prices for greater services. This is something that you can use to your advantage.

Also, Fiverr’s customer-friendly interface allows you to properly judge someone’s claims before making a purchase.

If you are not sure about someone’s abilities just check his or her ratings, comments and you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of the quality of service you are paying for.

All of this makes Fiverr the best place for scaling your new eCommerce business without breaking the bank.

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After reading the entire article I’m sure you now have a proper understanding of how to scale your eCommerce business with Fiverr.

The services we’ve mentioned here are not the only ones that you can find on Fiverr.

Running an eCommerce website, you’ll probably need lots of other people. But these are the first and most important ones that will help your business gain some momentum.

I hope this article was of help to you. Wishing you the best of luck with your entrepreneurial journey. Thanks for stopping by.