How Much Does AdSense Pay Per 1000 Views?

oogle Adsense is the most used ad network with over 38 million websites using them.

It’s a great way to monetize your site and that’s the reason why a lot of people are using it. But, new bloggers often find it hard to make money from it.

Also, a lot of bloggers ask the question of how much does Adsense pay per 1000 views.

Adsense pays about $1 – $4.5 per 1000 views. However, this will change according to your site’s niche, ad sizes, the country from where your traffic comes from, and also the ad clicks that you get!

So, if you were thinking of becoming rich with just Adsense, it’s surely going to take you a lot of time. But, read along to find out more about Adsense and other alternatives that you could use to monetize your site.

Google Adsense: How Much Can You Actually Earn?

Adsense is surely a good ad network and will help you monetize your site but it is surely not the best. There are lots of other platforms that pay a lot. We will discuss those platforms in this article.

I personally used Adsense during my initial days of starting this blog. The earning that I generated was too low. It was around $30-$40 per month with around 10,000 – 12,000 pageviews.

If your website is somewhat similar to my niche, expect almost the same results.

Before we move on, Let’s understand what CPM is. CPM is the Cost per 1000 impressions or the earnings that you get for every 1000 pageviews. I will be using this metric throughout this article.

The CPM rate of Adsense depends on 4 things:

1. Niche

The niche of your blog is one of the most important things which decides your CPM. If there are a lot of advertisers in your niche then you will probably earn a lot.

For example, Niches like Insurance, Marketing have huge CPMs. So, the blogs in these niches are surely going to make a lot more money than others.

If your niche does not have much advertisers, then the CPM rates are going to be too low.

2. Country where your traffic is from

The countries from where your traffic comes from is a big factor. If you get traffic from tier 1 countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc, your CPM and your earnings are going to be really high.

This is because these countries have more buying power and are wealthier than other countries. So, advertisers tend to spend more on ads in these countries, hence making it competitive and expensive. And that way you earn more money.

CPM rates for tier 2 and tier 3 countries are too low, you may even get cents for each 1000 views.

So, when you create an article/blog post, make sure it’s intended for the worldwide audience or preferably towards the tier 1 countries.

3. Number of Ads and their Formats

The number of ads that you show to your audience and the size of these ads do have a significant impact on your earnings and CPM.

However, make sure that you do not have a lot of ads on one page, this not only gives a bad experience to the user, but also you are more prone to getting banned by your ad network.

4. Ad Clicks

Advertisers pay more when a person clicks on your ad. Sometimes these can range anywhere from $0.10 – $50 per click. But those high CPC are just from some niches.

When I used to use Adsense, my CPC was just around $0.40.

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Alternative Ways To Monetize Your Site

Adsense is not the only way to monetize your blog. There are tons of other ways to do it. I have discussed 3 of the most popular ones down below.

1. Use Other Ad Networks

If you are using Adsense right now to monetize your blog and if you have more than 10,000 visitors, leave them immediately.

Seriously! You are loosing a lot of money by using Adsense.

There are many other amazing ad networks to try. Ezoic is what I use. And since changing over to them I have multiplied my earnings 3 to 4 times.

However, Ezoic does have a requirement and that is to have at least 10,000 sessions per month.

Other amazing ad networks include Mediavine and Adthrive. But those are for the big players in the industry. Their requirements are as follows:

  • Mediavine – 50,000 sessions per month.
  • AdThrive – 100,000 pageviews per month and the majority of traffic should be from US, Canada, UK, NZ, and Australia.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another great way to make money from your blog. Currently, I make around 50% from affiliate marketing and the rest 50% from Ezoic.

Most people usually get more money from affiliate marketing than from ads and that’s because of the amazing commissions that some affiliate products provide.

The best way to find an affiliate product is to search for some good products in your industry and then finding if they have an affiliate program for it. If they do have one, apply and promote them.

It’s always better to concentrate on one affiliate product and when you slowly scale up your online business/blog, you could include other programs too.

3. Information Products

Informational products are products that you create, market, and sell. It’s one of the best ways to make money. You could actually become a millionaire selling info products.

Info Products can be categorized as

You could create any one of the following and promote them using your blog. But before you do that, make sure you have enough knowledge to actually write that eBook or create that online course. Don’t just copy and paste what’s already there on the internet.

This industry is often criticized for the number of scammers that they have especially if they are selling something related to online businesses, day trading, and other online money-making opportunities.

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Adsense pays really low when you compare it with other ad networks. So, the best thing for you is to jump away from them and choose another ad network.

If you are really new and do not have much traffic to apply for Ezoic, then I suggest you wait. Even if you apply for Adsense, you are only going to make a few pennies each day. Moreover, it makes the user experience worse.

So, it would be better to wait. Meantime, you could really concentrate on adding more quality content to your blog and eventually apply for Ezoic when you hit the mark.

I hope you now know how much AdSense pays per 1000 views and why it may not be a good option for you. Anyway, best of luck!