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There has been a lot of movement in the drop servicing industry lately with many starting this business model in 2020. It certainly requires less work and is profitable when done the right way.

Many of you are here because you have a very low budget or no money at all, yet, you want to start this business. I have already explained a free way to start this business but that takes a great deal of time to get some sales. (This method is also free!)

So, here I will be teaching you how to start drop servicing without a website and make money the quickest way possible.

This method really works like crazy but it involves a little bit more work than setting up a website.

Drop Servicing Without a Website

What is Drop Servicing?

Drop servicing is a way by which you act as a middleman where you provide services to customers and when they order the service, you outsource it to other freelancers that would finish the work for you.

So, you literally ask for a higher fee from your customers and then outsource the work at a lower cost. And that’s how you make a profit.

Drop servicing can be done in many ways. The method that I am gonna show you is just one of them.

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How can We Drop Service Without A Website – The Basic Outline

This is the basic outline of how this method works:

We use 2 freelance platforms namely, Fiverr and Upwork. Upwork is where you list your service and find clients whereas, on Fiverr, you will be outsourcing the work that you received from the client.

The first thing to do is to select a niche. After that, sign up as a freelancer on Upwork and then find possible clients. Send them a proposal from Upwork. If they accept it, go to Fiverr.com and find a suitable freelancer to whom this work can be outsourced. Once the freelancer finishes, just deliver it to the client.

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Let’s talk about each of these steps in detail.

Selecting a Niche

Selecting a good niche is important. It shouldn’t be highly competitive nor should it be too narrow. It should be somewhere in the middle.

What I mean by this is that the service that you are offering should definitely have some interested clients but have a fewer number of freelancers that offer this service. For example, social media management is a niche is where you can get a lot of clients but it’s a bit competitive, meaning there are a lot of freelancers who provide this service and you would have a hard time getting your first client.

Something like eBook creation is kind of perfect. There isn’t much competition and there are a good number of clients that you can get.

Some good niches that you can select are:-

  • Sales funnel building
  • Chatbot development
  • Book Design
  • Crowdfunding
  • Resume writing
  • Grant writing
  • UX Designer
  • Logo animation
  • Voice Over
  • Songwriter
  • Legal consulting
  • and many more.

If you can’t find a good niche or doesn’t want to select the above ones, selecting a broad one isn’t such a bad idea. You will still get clients but you will have to work a bit harder.

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Finding a Freelancer

A good freelancer is a must so that you can outsource your work to them. The best platform to find affordable freelancers is Fiverr.com.

Sign up on Fiverr if you still don’t have an account. Then, search for the niche that you selected.

There might be a large number of people providing the same service. Choose a freelancer based on the below parameters:-

  • Has at least 100 ratings
  • Has at least 4.5 stars
  • The work samples that they have put up is quite impressive. If the work samples are not displayed on their profile, message them privately on Fiverr and ask them for work samples.
  • Look for intermediate freelancers, they are more likely to work with you. Expert freelancers on Fiverr who gets a lot of orders won’t allow you to drop service their services.

When you find the perfect freelancer, message about this business and tell him how you could bring in more clients. He would surely accept your proposal.

Next, we need to find clients so that we can start getting orders and begin this business.

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Finding Super Targeted Clients

Since we are drop servicing without a website, you won’t need to spend money on a website nor on ads to bring in traffic/clients. This means you can start this method completely free.

This method works extremely well because we are targeting clients who are already ready to spend some money to get some work done.

But, you will have to manually message your clients which takes a bit more time and effort than setting up a drop servicing website.

To find clients, go to Upwork.com and sign up as a freelancer. You will have a lot of forms to fill out. So, patiently fill them out.

When signing up, provide information based on what service you have chosen. Do not copy-paste the same thing that you saw on your freelancer’s profile on Fiverr.

Rather, provide a unique description and other info. You may, however, use their work samples after asking their permission.

They may also ask for certifications, testimonials, work experience etc. You will have to give the same as your freelancer.

Once you set up your account, it might take at least 12-24 hours for them to accept your application. If you are rejected somehow, provide more information and then resubmit the application.

Once approved, Go to “Find Work” and then search the niche that you selected.

For this example, I am choosing logo design as my niche. So, when I search for it, I get a lot of clients who are looking for freelancers to do that particular work for them.

Sort the results by relevancy, or else you will see a lot of unwanted jobs listed.

Find a client who exactly matches the type of client our freelancer would want. Then look how much they are willing to pay.

As you can see this client is willing to pay $150 for a 3D logo. There are a lot of freelancers who will do this exact same work on Fiverr for under $50. That means you could potentially earn $100 profit if you were to be selected. (Upwork service fee not included)

P.S – Avoid choosing a client who asks for long term projects like 3-6 months job. It might be hard for you to manage with your freelancer.

So, once you find a perfect client like this, click on “Submit a Proposal”. You will be redirected to a page like this where you will have to submit some details that your client needs.

Some info they would ask would be like your fee, due date, some of your examples etc.

Fill them all out and submit it to them.

Don’t just wait for that client to reply, submit multiple proposals to different clients so that your chances of getting an order is quite high.

Sometimes, your client may need to call you or be in contact with you. Make sure you make a good impression and answer all their queries related to the service. If you don’t know anything about the service, then I suggest you learn more about it from your freelancer before you submit proposals to clients.

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Making Sales

When a client accepts your proposal, you can collect every bit of info from them and then place an order directly to your freelancer on Fiverr.

You might need some money to start because Upwork would only credit the amount from your client once you fulfil their order. So, make sure you have something to start.

Once your freelancer on Fiverr finishes the work, Take the product and deliver it to your client.

Repeat this same process over and over to get more orders and finally quit your 9-5 job if you want.

However, this method isn’t a passive form of income. But, you can make it passive when you start getting more clients. Hire a sales manager or some other type of manager to do this exact same steps for you. Teach him how everything works and you could be sitting on your couch making money without any work.

All of this might seem too easy, right?

It isn’t! You will have to work so hard, be consistent and never give up if you intend to succeed in this business or any other form of business.

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Drop servicing is a good business to start especially if you are a complete beginner. Moreover, you don’t need a website nor do you need huge investments to start.

All you need is a little patience and a bit of hard work to pull this off.

More than 99% of people reading this won’t put this into action.

Don’t be that person!