How to Make Money with Low Traffic Blogs

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Today I will be showing you ways you can make money with a low traffic blog! (Like Mine).

For a Low traffic blog Adsense or any of its alternatives are completely useless because they are CPC (cost per click) Networks. You can’t even make a single dollar a week if you have low traffic.

So You need to find other ways of monetizing your blog or you should wait till your blog has enough traffic!

But we can’t do that. Can We?

The main thing you always need to keep in mind is that DO NOT Give UP because blogging is a long-term process and if you lay the foundations now, you won’t need to worry about your future!

So with that said, Let’s Begin!

Is Your Traffic a Targeted One?

This is the only important thing that you need. If your blog has targeted traffic even if it is as low as 0-50 visitors per day, you have a chance to monetize your blog.

The idea is to utilize each one of your visitors to make money for you. Targeted traffic means that if the visitors to your blog are looking for contents related to which you are posting.

But if it is some random people without any intention like your friends to whom you must have told about your blog and they are just there to give traffic for you! Then this method won’t work!

To get Targeted traffic, One way is by using the correct keywords. When writing a post, stay on the topic and use the same keywords on different parts of the post (but don’t stuff your keywords!).

This can lead to more organic and targeted traffic. You can check out this article where I explain how you can rank on Google.

Another way is by promoting your blog on facebook pages, Google+ communities or any other social media groups which are on the same niche as that of your website.

So How can you make money with low traffic blogs?

There are 2 ways in which you can do that:-

1. Affiliate Marketing!

You most probably would have heard of this term. But if you haven’t then in simple terms it can be defined as a way in which you promote a product (physical or digital) owned by a company for which they give commissions for each sale.

Why affiliate marketing?

I will explain this with an example. Suppose your blog is based on Tech and you write reviews of latest gadgets. When you write these posts, you will put an affiliate link which helps the visitors to redirect to the company’s website from where they can buy the product.

Some may click this link and you earn a commission for that. Some affiliate programs even offer up to 75% commission on their products.

This method is really effective for low traffic blogs. You could make at least 1-2 sales in a month and that would be about $10-$50 or even more than that!

That’s a Great start for a Brand New Blog!

There are tons of Affiliate Programs and I have even made a post on the Top 5 Affiliate Programs of 2019. You can choose any one from them or sign up for all of them!

2. Pay Per Leads Program

This is another way by which you can earn money with low traffic blogs. This is done by referring your visitors to signup for free content or downloads and the company pays you for each qualified subscription.

Which company?

There is a lot of Pay per Leads ad networks out there and I would recommend choosing RevResponse pays you for leads (ie.Signups) and your visitors need not buy anything for you to make money. They pay around $1 – $2 per qualified subscription.

Sign up To RevResponse Here!


Even though these methods are proven to be working for many bloggers with low traffic, I cannot guarantee that you would also make money.

But do not get disappointed within 1 or 2 weeks. Making money with a blog takes a lot of time and if you continue producing the right content for your audience. I can guarantee that you will be successful.

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