Drop Servicing On Fiverr! (Easiest Way To Get Started!)

Can you start a drop servicing business with $0?

Looks like you can!

And that’s by using Fiverr.

Drop servicing has been a huge hit in early 2020 with many starting this business model. And some broke beginners did find it a bit too hard to start because they couldn’t afford a website nor the advertising fee.

So, this post is exclusively for those who want to start a drop servicing business on Fiverr with no money!

Please Read – Lately, I came to know that Fiverr was an Israeli-based company. I am completely against Israel and anything that funds them. Since I rank on Google for this post, I thought it would be better to let people know this instead of just deleting this post. That way, I may be able to convince at least 1 or 2 to stay away from this platform. I used to promote them in the past (as an affiliate) and now I have stopped it completely. Try using other platforms like Upwork or Toptal but please try to stay away from Fiverr. #FreePalastine

How does This Work?

Before we start, I’ll explain how the entire process works.

The first and foremost thing to do is to choose the service that you would like to sell. After that, find a freelancer who offers the same service (So you can outsource that service).

Create your gig on Fiverr stating your service and price it above the other freelancer to whom you will be outsourcing. Get order through Fiverr and make money!

This may all sound so easy right?

But it isn’t!

Getting orders is one hell of a task if you are new to Fiverr. It may take a lot of time to get your first order. But, I do have some tips at the end of this to get your first order quickly!

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Which Service Should I Choose?

This is where you will need to spend about 80% of your time before starting this business. The service that you choose should not be too competitive nor should it be too narrow (Low search volume!).

To find such services, Go to Fiverr.com and look through each category of services. Select each one of them and then note down the number of services that are listed in each category. (Can be seen on the left side of the page)

If it’s below 500, then it’s probably not that competitive.

After that, examine if these freelancers are getting orders. It can be seen under each gig listed. (However, That’s the number of people who have ordered and rated for that gig, so that’s enough.)

If you see that a lot of freelancers are getting orders greater than 100, then that particular service will be having a good amount of search volume on Fiverr.

For Eg: The category “Web traffic” service has only around 400 services listed on Fiverr and has more than 1000 orders for some freelancers. This means that they are quite good for drop servicing.

However, you can’t just select this service as of now because you have to find a freelancer on another platform who would do the same service.

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Find Freelancers for Outsourcing

There are other platforms other than Fiverr which you can use to find freelancers for outsourcing the service that you selected.

Some platforms to use are:

If you can’t find the service that you selected from the above platforms then you might have to change it and repeat this process till you find one.

But if that service is offered at a lower price on one of these websites, you are good to go.

There are a lot of low-quality freelancers on the platforms that I have listed. So, it’s crucial that you select a good quality freelancer.

I would suggest you look for the reviews and how many orders that each of them has got before you choose one.

Once you have chosen a freelancer, About 80% of your work would be completed.

P.S – Try contacting this person, tell him that you would be drop servicing his services, and ask him if he’s okay with that. Moreover, there’s also a chance that this person might have been inactive for a while. So, it’s always better to contact before you move to the next step.

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Register and Set up Your Gig on Fiverr

Fiverr is a legit platform and a good one if you are a complete beginner.

Register as a freelancer by going to Fiverr.com. You will be going through a lot of steps, provide all the details they ask you.

Once registered, click on Gig -> Create a new Gig.

Before creating a Gig, I would suggest you examine the other gigs in your topic/service and see how they have written and designed their gig.

Here are some suggestions from my side:

  1. Use Videos in your Gig. Videos tend to get more engagement and views.
  2. Write your gig description properly.
  3. Use a Gig with 3 packages rather than just one.
  4. Provide only the services that your freelancer provides. Don’t include any extra things which may cause a big problem in the future.
  5. If you are pricing your gig 2x or 3x times what your freelancer does. Then I would suggest you provide a “buy one get one” offer because it provides a lot of value and will help you get your first order in no time.

Once you have finished setting up your gig, you will need to wait some time for it to get approved. Approval usually takes less than a day.

That’s it, now when you get an order on Fiverr, all you have to do is go to your other freelancer and order the same service from him.

But, the problem is getting orders!

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Getting Sales/Orders (The Hard Part)

One of the hardest parts of running any business online is getting sales/orders. Only if you bring in more traffic will you start getting some sales.

But, How can we bring in more traffic?

Since you are new on Fiverr, they won’t actually rank your gig above the other established freelancers in their marketplace. So, you have to do something unique that the other freelancers aren’t doing.

I have compiled together a list of 7 strategies that you can use to get your first order on Fiverr. I have seen these work wonders for some people, so be sure to check it out.

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Even if you implement all those tips, I can’t guarantee that you will get an order within 1 or 2 weeks. It all depends on the service that you are providing and some other factors.

But, what more can you get if you go behind the free method! If you can spend some money then I would strongly suggest you look into this article.

I hope you get an order as soon as possible and make your first income online. Comment down below and let me know when you start making money with this business model.