Digistore24 vs Clickbank. Which One is Better for Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is estimated to grow annually by 10%. This means that it’s not going to die anytime soon.

This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of business love this marketing model and has a very low upfront investment.

Some of the biggest affiliate platforms include Clickbank and Digistore24.

Digistore24 and Clickbank are two good affiliate marketing platforms but they do have their own differences. Clickbank has more products to promote in their marketplace than Digistore24. However, one thing that’s similar on both these platforms is that they both contain some crappy, scam products.

There are more differences between the two. So, keep on reading and in the end, you will know which one to choose.

Digistore24 vs Clickbank : Comparison

Clickbank is regarded as one of the largest and oldest affiliate marketplaces in the world. Digistore24 is a slightly newer marketplace.

Here are some of the differences between the two:-

1. Number of Products

The number of products on Clickbank is much higher than what you get on Digistore24.

Clickbank has almost 3300 products on their platform that you can promote. And moreover, a lot of products are being added to the Clickbank marketplace on a regular basis.

On the other hand, Digistore has just about 300 products. However, it is a growing platform as more and more products are being added to their marketplace.

The problem with the products on Digistore24 is that most products are from the make money online and fitness niche.

The same problem does exist on Clickbank. But due to a large number of products, You won’t actually find a scarcity of products in each niche.

2. Product Quality

Most products on both these platforms are crap. You may only find a few good products here and there.

This is one of the main reasons why I don’t actually promote many Clickbank/Digistore24 products here on my website.

Sadly, there are thousands of affiliates who promote these stupid products simply because they offer 50-70% commissions for each sale they make.

And due to these high commission rates, you won’t actually see a bad review for these products. In the end, consumers are the ones that are affected.

So, if you are an affiliate make sure that the product that you promote isn’t a bad one. The only to know that is to buy and use the product!

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3. Reporting and Tracking

Reporting and tracking are quite important when you market a product. Together they help you know if your campaign is a successful one or not. Moreover, they help you optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Both Digistore24 and Clickbank do have their own reporting and tracking tool. But, both of them differ in their own way.

Digistore24 has a more advanced tracking tool than Clickbank. They also have a modern-looking reporting interface which looks way better when compared with Clickbank.

4. Cookie duration

If a user clicks your affiliate link and buys that product you are credited for that referral. There is a duration of time up to which you are credited for the referral. This duration of time is referred to as a cookie duration.

This time varies for different affiliate programs. Higher the cookie duration, the higher the chance of converting a visitor.

For Clickbank, the cookie duration is 60 days and for Digistore24, it’s a whopping 180 days or otherwise 6 months!

That’s one of the highest cookie duration that you can get.

5. Payment Methods

A good affiliate program should be able to provide our payments in different ways. Both Clickbank and Digistore24 can pay you in multiple ways.

The following table gives an overview of the different payment methods available

Affiliate PlatformPayment Methods Available
Digistore24PayPal and Internation/US Bank Transfer
ClickbankDirect deposit and Check

PayPal is one of the leading international online money transfer service providers and the lack of a PayPal option for Clickbank can be a letdown for many.

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6. Competition

As an affiliate marketer, the competition for a product must be considered before promoting them.

Especially if you are a beginner, it will be hard for you to promote an already popular/saturated product. The reason for this is that there might already be a lot of youtube videos, blog posts, ads related to this product and it will be hard for you to fit in between.

Clickbank has this problem. A lot of products on Clickbank are already being promoted by big affiliate marketers and you as a beginner might find it hard.

Digistore24 on the other hand is used by very few people when compared with Clickbank. So, the competition is fairly low here.

Note – In Clickbank, if you want to find good products that aren’t saturated, you can filter the results based on “Date added to Marketplace” to last 2 or 3 months and then sort results based on gravity. This way you can see some new, great selling products.

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Digistore24 vs Clickbank: Which one should you Choose?

You can choose both. They both are free platforms and there’s nothing for you to lose. The main problem that you would have would be the task of finding a good product to promote.

Both platforms, as I have said, contain some crappy, good-for-nothing products. So, make sure you find and promote a good affiliate product.

Don’t just look at the commissions and promote. Find something that’s actually going to be useful for your customers.

Try buying the product yourself and then promote it if you find it useful. But, if that’s not possible, You can also ask for a trial version by contacting the owners of the product.

I hope this article has been useful to you. Have a nice day ahead.