6 Best Dropshipping Suppliers with Fast Shipping (Location-Based)

Dropshipping has been one of the most discussed online businesses in the past few years. Many have started and succeeded in it.

Most people source their products from Aliexpress. But we know that it’s not reliable and does have very high shipping times.

People who start with Aliexpress won’t recognize their mistake until they get feedback from their customers blaming the shipping times and broken items.

And A question that I commonly see when this happens is “how do I find reliable dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping”.

In my years of experience in dropshipping, let me tell you. It’s not that hard and you should try to narrow down specific locations rather than worldwide. Think about it, for a company to ship a product worldwide (unless they have multiple different warehouses) will take between 10-20 days and most of the time a lot longer.

So, This is What I Did!

I realized this early into my dropshipping journey and started to narrow down suppliers in high-selling locations. These locations were the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Europe and lastly Australia.

Being able to specially design a store around these counties that I knew had outstanding dropshipping suppliers was game-changing.

Before this, I was dropshipping from suppliers on AliExpress and I encountered shipping times between 1-6 weeks, yes weeks.

If that sounds bad, a lot of the time my parcels would arrive broken or never at all. However, finding suppliers from these high-selling countries reduced my shipping time dramatically and for the better.

Finding suppliers from the same area that I was targeting reduced my shipping time from 1-6 weeks to a matter of days.

Sales skyrocketed, reviews become positive and my Facebook campaigns weren’t filled with bad comments about my company. It was great and I now want to share some of this precious information with you.

In this article, I will be going over my favorite and best dropshipping suppliers that I’ve personally used in these five high-selling locations.

They’ll also be a mention of some worldwide suppliers, but be assured that the delivery times won’t be considered “fast” but a lot faster than other sources out there.

Remember, some will benefit more from these suppliers than others. This is due to the location that they’ll like to target, the product you are aiming to sell and what your potential buying power is.

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Best Dropshipping Suppliers with Fast Shipping

1. Esources.co.uk (For United Kingdom)

Let’s start with my favourite, the United Kingdom. It was possibly one of the easiest dropshipping locations out of the others mentioned below due to the sheer buying power the UK market holds.

The UK alone has one of the largest eCommerce markets at an estimated $693 Billion in revenue during 2019 and is rapidly increasing year after year.

If you’re getting into dropshipping the UK is a great place to start, it has a lot less competition than if you would dropship in the US and if you’re advertising your website the CPC’s are a lot cheaper.

Finding a dropshipping supplier has never been so important as now for the UK.

The UK (at the moment of this post) has left the EU and the imports and exports have been affected, but new deals may happen to make it easier. But for now, a UK supplier is a must if you want to seriously start selling the brits.

Some of the biggest online shopping categories for the UK include fashion, home improvement, sports and garden.

Esources.co.uk Overview

Average shipping time in the UK: 1-5 days (depending on supplier)

Esources’s goal is to introduce dropshippers to suppliers and they do this through their index of 170,000 dropship suppliers and it’s also the largest B2B dropshipping site the UK has.

As you’re probably aware when dropshipping there are 100’s and 1000’s of different product niches you can choose from.

There aren’t many wholesalers in the world that sell all of these at a rapid delivery pace. Personally, I’ve found my best suppliers on websites like Esources that index an array of different niched suppliers.

To be a seller on this website, you have to go through an application process to identify as a reliable seller and extensive tests to ensure that it’s quality controlled.

With suppliers on this website ranging from gardening to fashion, you can find any dropshipping supplier that is dedicated to your niche. This is great for gathering ideas for future products as the supplier will sell related items.

Esources may look like an old and beaten down website, but it certainly isn’t. With over 3000 new sellers joining the site daily means your selection will never run out.

Besides Esources being a great place to find reliable and fast shipping suppliers in the UK, it also thrives on its excellent customer service. They offer a great support option for their premium members and offer free product souring to them, something that not many supplier index websites are doing.

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2. CJDropshipping (For United States)

Next is the mother of all countries, the United States. If you can dominate and identify yourself as a seller in the US, the possibilities are endless.

With the eCommerce revenue of 2019 reaching over $861.12 billion in their large population of 328 million people. Finding your place in the market shouldn’t be hard, right?

The large population and buying power held in this country, makes the US an extremely popular place for companies that sell products or services.

Because of this, you can expect to pay some of the highest CPC’s and CPM’s to get your products in front of your buyers.

Some of the biggest online shopping categories for the US include fashion, hunting/survival, home improvement.

CJDropshipping Overview

Average shipping time in the US: 3-9 days.

You may have heard of CJDropshipping and it’s certainly dominating the market in the US.

I can’t stress enough the importance of shipping when it comes to running a dropshipping store. It’s the main reason why people become successful and for those who don’t. Having a reliable, local seller is a must.

CJDropshipping’s product range has been compared to AliExpress or Alibaba and some people even say that most of their products are cheaper. How is this possible?

CJDropshipping skips past the middleman and heads straight for the Chinese markets, this is when the product is at its cheapest and they bulk buy so you don’t have to.

They also have a great customer service and if there’s a product you cannot find on their website or app, you can actually request it.

A truly great website and business that has it all and has dedicated its time to make dropshipping in the US a lot easier for new and advance dropshippers.

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3. Syncee (For Canada)

Moving just above the United States to Canada. Canada can be a little hidden gem for most upcoming or professional dropshipping stores.

In 2020 the Canadian eCommerce market saw an estimated 26.1 million active buyers. Even though this is a lot less than the US, fewer people advertise here so the CPC’s and CPM’s are significantly cheaper.

This marketplace is much better for people trying out dropshipping and don’t want to spend as much on advertising.

Some of the best categories in Canada during 2020 were fashion, electronics, DIY, furniture and personal care.

Syncee Overview

Average shipping time in Canada: 1-5 days (depending on supplier)

Because of the vast amount of niches you can choose from when starting a dropshipping store, I thought it would be more beneficial to mention supplier exchange websites rather than a singular wholesaler.

On exchange platforms like Syncee, you’re able to find the best possible supplier for your targeted niche.

Unlike the others I’ve mentioned, you’ll have to pay for Syncee. There are currently ten plans to choose from and the prices range widely from $19-$699 per month.

When you’ve signed up and chosen a membership you’ll gain access to their full index of top-quality suppliers.

This extensive list of suppliers makes it nearly impossible not to find anyone that sells a product or product range that you’re wanting to dropship.

If you use applications such as Shopify, they also have an app to allow for easier integration. Here you’ll be able to select products and directly import them into your live store.

Although you have to pay for Syncee, it’s for sure worth the money if you’re seriously thinking about getting into dropshipping. You’re guaranteed to find a great, reliable supplier first time every time.

4. Bigbuy and Griffati (For European Countries)

I thought I would mention Europe as an entire continent, but really I recommend targeting countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

If you’re able to speak one of these languages fluently or know someone who can, you’re already on the path to success. Europe has some of the cheapest CPC’s and CPM’s in the world and a great place to start for any novice (if you can speak the language).

There isn’t a lot of competition in these countries as there is for the UK or USA, making it easier for you to get your product in front of the eyes of potential customers before someone else does.

Instead of a supplier network website, I’ve got two highly recommend suppliers that’ll ship all across Europe.

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Bigbuy Overview

Average shipping time in Europe: 1-5 days (depending on destination)

Bigbuy is based in the UK but has warehouses scattered across Europe and is considered the most prominent dropshipping company in this area.

However, their flawless delivery times aren’t their best feature. They’ll also take care of branding your products, making them unique to your company.

They use reliable shipping couriers like UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT. Bigbuy is well known in niched areas such as health and beauty, electronics, kitchen and household items.

People also use Bigbuy as a worldwide shipping brand, but you’ll encounter much longer shipping times to most places outside of Europe.

Griffati Overview

Average shipping time to Europe: 1-5 days

Fashion is a large amount of European’s yearly eCommerce revenue, so it would be rude not to mention a dropshipping supplier that supplies such items.

If you’re lucky enough to establish yourself in a niche like this, then Griffati is the only supplier you need in Europe.

With a large range of designer fashion items for men, women and kids in an array of different styles. It’ll be wrong not to choose Griffati as your fashion supplier for Europe.

Another great perk for going with this company is that they include a low shipping cost and no tax on all orders that are sent to EU countries.

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5. BrandsGateway and SaleHoo (For Australia)

A country that has to be mentioned is Australia. However, advertising here has its pros and cons.

Australians have money to spend and marketing agencies are aware of this. They have some of the highest online (average) purchasing prices and therefore a lot of marketers want to target them.

This is the reason for their extremely high CPC and CPM rates and they’re some of the highest in the world.

But nevertheless, if you have some experience in digital marketing and want to dropship to this location it’s definitely worth a try.

BrandsGateway Overview

Average shipping time in Australia: 3-5 days

Fashion holds a high percentage of the Australian eCommerce revenue, so having a reliable supplier in this sector is a must.

BrandsGateway, dropships a huge selection of wholesale and designer clothing for men, women and children. They’re well respected within the fashion industry and are known for their reliability.

SaleHoo Overview

Average shipping time in Australia: Depends on supplier

I’ve spoken about supplier directories throughout this article and Australia also has one.

Salehoo is a reasonably priced supplier index that’ll connect you with some of the highest quality suppliers which offer over 1.6 million different products.

This extensive list of suppliers makes it nearly impossible for you not to find one that is a suitable supplier to offer your needs.

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6. Worldwide Brands (Worldwide)

Shipping worldwide from one supplier isn’t going to allow you to have fast shipping to all locations.

You may be able to get fast shipping to some of the main countries if the supplier has fulfilment centres there, but typically if they have one warehouse you can expect to have shipping times up to 2-4 weeks.

However, I thought I would be rude not to mention any suppliers that may be able to ship worldwide at a faster rate than most wholesalers.

Worldwide Brands Overview

I try to stay away from both Aliexpress and Alibaba. So, Worldwide Brands is the company I choose to opt-in for. This is another supplier directory and the reason I thought I would mention this is because it has a vast list of top-quality worldwide dropshipping agents.

They have a good reputation for having great wholesalers and promise lower product prices than most competitors. With over 16+ million certified dropshipping products to choose from, it’s more than worth taking a look into this directory.

If you’re going to try and find a supplier on this website, I recommend you get in contact with them and ask about shipping times to the main areas you want to target. You may find out that the wholesale supplier has warehouses in these areas.

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So, Dropshipping suppliers really does depend on the location you are targeting and choosing a reliable one for each location is a must.

I hope the above Dropshipping suppliers will help you in shipping out your products fast and will help you scale up your dropshipping business.

Best of Luck!