ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review! Is It The Best Affiliate Program?

There are a lot of affiliate programs on the internet. Some suck while others are really good. So here I talk about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Review. And how it is different from other affiliate programs.

There are affiliate programs like Amazon and others which has a commission rate ranging from 0.1% – 10%. That’s really disgusting. You can’t really benefit from those affiliate programs.

But there are affiliate programs like ClickFunnels, ClickBank and others which has commission rates ranging between 40% and 70%, and sometimes even 100% for some launch products. And that’s just incredible!

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is basically an all-in-one marketing tool which helps you build sales funnels that help businesses market, sell and deliver their products and services online. It was founded by Russell Brunson.

A sales funnel is a marketing model used by bloggers, affiliate marketers and other internet marketers to sell their products online. So, sales funnels are quite popular among these people.

So You being an affiliate, can promote ClickFunnels to these prospects and they might buy the product.

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Will People Buy it?

Yes. Definitely, If you promote it the right way!

If you go on spamming your affiliate links on Facebook, Quora and other platforms, you would never make anything. Instead, write a blog post promoting Clickfunnels and then run a facebook ad or drive traffic to that post.

New bloggers and affiliate marketers might be a little hesitant to buy ClickFunnels at first. But if you persuade them, make them understand how it all works, then you have a chance of converting them into customers.

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Why Promote ClickFunnels?

For any affiliate platform, I look at these 5 things:-

  • Quality of the Product.
  • High and Recurring Commissions.
  • Cookie Lifespan.
  • Price of the product.
  • Training and marketing materials for affiliates.

Clickfunnels checks all the boxes except the price of the product, which I will explain later. But for the rest, This Affiliate program is really good.

Quality of the Product.

ClickFunnels is one of the best funnel builders in the market right now. It has some competition from Builderall and Leadpages, but Clickfunnels beats them all.

There are around 217k funnel hackers in the Facebook community and this software has really been successful for them.

High and Recurring Commissions

For each person that you refer to ClickFunnels, you get $38.80 commission, That 40% commission!

Moreover, if these people buy other products of ClickFunnels, you get that commission too. So, it’s easy money if you know what you are doing.

That $38.80 I mentioned is not a onetime commission, as long as that person stays on ClickFunnels you get paid $38.80 every month!

Cookie Lifespan

ClickFunnels affiliate program uses sticky cookies. This simply means that no matter how long it takes for a customer who clicked on your affiliate link to buy, you will be credited with the sale.

Sticky cookies are also called lifetime cookies because it doesn’t expire and only expires if the customer clicks another ClickFunnels affiliate link.

Another advantage of sticky cookies is that, if that customer ends up buying any other product from Clickfunnels, you get that commissions too.

Training and marketing materials for affiliates.

For any affiliate program, marketing materials are a must so that you know what you are promoting. It should also provide banners and images that can be used on your blog posts.

Clickfunnels has every marketing materials that you will ever need to start promoting them.

They also provide a free training program for affiliate marketers. That’s pretty much rare for any affiliate program. This 4-day exclusive FREE video training teaches you how you can be a super affiliate in just 100 days.

Cons of being a ClickFunnels Affiliate

The only thing I dislike about ClickFunnels is the price. The software costs $97, which might be a bummer for broke beginners.

Even though the price is high, the demand for the product keeps on increasing and is proof that promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate is the best.

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How Do You Promote ClickFunnels?

There are a lot of ways to promote Clickfunnels. I will explain each of them here.


Youtube is a great place to start. It’s easier to rank Youtube videos than ranking blog posts, even if you are new.

If you are shy to show your face, you needn’t. Just do a video using some screen video software and provide a voice over that video.

Your video won’t rank straight away, It will take some time. But after that, you will get some consistent traffic that may convert.

Writing an Article on Your Blog.

This is also a great way to promote if you have a blog. But, if you don’t have one right now, you can create a free WordPress blog from here.

Write an article that can help people. You could write a review or some comparison with other sales funnel builder.

Now, to increase your traffic to the article. You could answer questions on Quora. There are hundreds of questions based on Clickfunnels. Give them a perfect answer and then link your article in that.

Note – Do not link more than twice on Quora. Your answer might get banned.

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Is It The Best Affiliate Program?

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is definitely one of the best. It pays high commission which is recurring, has sticky cookies, has the marketing materials needed for promoting and is a feature-packed all-in-one product for internet marketers.

Even though the price is high, the quality of the product can’t match any of its competitors. So If you are writing a review on a blog or making a video on youtube, state how it’s better than it’s competitors.

So that’s all about the ClickFunnels Affiliate Review. Hope you become successful in your journey as an affiliate.