Can I Do Freelancing on Mobile?

Working remotely in the comfort of your home has become a trend born out of necessity and convenience.

Freelancing has attracted about 35% of the global workforce; 60% claim that they earn twice their compared to their previous jobs.

And in the subject of convenience, it’s hard not put smartphones in the work-from-home equation. So, can you freelance on a mobile device?

Fortunately, yes, you can do freelancing on mobile. You can perform several services using apps and deliver them to your clients right through a smartphone screen. It’s handy, cheap, and convenient, making it a perfect device for those who are still starting their freelancing career.

However, there are factors to consider before venturing into mobile freelancing.

If you want to learn more about how you can use your smartphone in carrying out freelancing jobs, hang on tight. Let’s explore the possibilities in the following lines.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing on Mobile

Much like any other job, freelancing using your smartphone comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Freelancing alone has founded its appeal on its flexibility and convenience. This encompasses working on your own terms and being your own boss.

However, specific tools are necessary, such as a reliable computer and a fast internet connection, depending on your work.

But with how fast technology has advanced, a pocket-size phone can be used instead of an elaborative computer setup when it comes to freelancing.

Nonetheless, when in doubt, just look at the pros and cons of freelancing on mobile.


1. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

The beauty of freelancing is that you can decide where and when you want to do it.

And with freelancing using your smartphone, there is no way you can’t do the work, especially with a decent internet connection around.

If you leave your laptop at home, a smartphone could save you from the worries and anxiety of missing your deadline.

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2. It lessens the burden of setting up your workstation.

Perhaps one of the factors that hold back many people from becoming freelancers is the assumption that you need fancy tools to do it.

Freelancers can afford a grand computer setup once they reach and go past the momentum of their career.

However, most freelancers start with simple or cheaper devices. And here’s where a smartphone becomes significant.

You can start doing freelancing with just the phone you already have.

3. You can utilize available mobile apps for your work.

A decade ago, it was almost impossible to do freelancing on mobile since the tools are limited.

For example, you can only do graphics designs on a computer using programs like Adobe Photoshop.

However, nowadays, apps practically rule the internet world. All these elaborate programs can now fit your smartphone.

You can create designs through apps like Canva, edit videos through a myriad of video editing apps, and more.


1. It may be too small for your convenience.

The word convenience can be relative when it comes to freelancing on mobile.

While some people are attuned to their smartphone environment, where they can type, edit, and create content on a small screen, others prefer a wider view that only laptops or desktop computers can provide.

Freelancers who are used to working with a mouse and keyboard can have difficulty adjusting to transferring their tasks in a smartphone.

2. It can only be used for some jobs

The type of jobs that can be done on a mobile device is limited. You will have to offer services that can be completely done on a smartphone.

So, this means freelancing jobs like coding, website creation service, video animation, and other resource-intensive tasks or jobs can’t be done on a mobile device.

3. It has limited file storage.

Saving your work can be a challenge since smartphones have limited storage capacity. Nonetheless, the upside is that you can store your output through cloud storage.

However, there can also be challenges to this strategy which primarily involves delivering your work.

Still, if you can manage to navigate your way in sending the file to your client, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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Freelancing Jobs That Can Be Done on Your Smartphone

Let’s face it, not all types of freelancing jobs can be done through your smartphone. Some are resource-intensive while others may require you to have a laptop or a desktop to do.

However, there are surely a lot of jobs that can be completely done on a smartphone.

Here are some of the jobs you could do:-

  1. Ad design
  2. App testing
  3. Basic photo editing
  4. Blog post writing
  5. Copywriting
  6. File conversion
  7. Image design
  8. Keyword research
  9. Language translation
  10. Logo making
  11. Online teaching
  12. Photo background removal
  13. Post design
  14. Social media management
  15. Survey taking
  16. Tech support
  17. Virtual Assistance
  18. Voice-over acting
  19. Audio-to-Text transcription

Apps You Can Use When Freelancing on Mobile

There are 1.85 million apps available in iOS App Store and 2.56 million apps in Google Play Store. Some of which fits perfectly with freelancing using your smartphone.

Finding a freelancing job has become a lot easier than ever since the job marketplace expanded over the years.

Nowadays, you can simply build your professional profile and find suitable projects or clients to work with.

Here are three of the best freelancing apps for finding projects and clients across the globe:

1. Upwork

When you create your profile in Upwork, you can apply it to certain projects.

Upwork utilizes a bidding framework where freelancers will have to win the attention of the company or customer.

Freelancers bank on their qualifications, portfolio, and prices.

2. Toptal

Toptal is a middleman between you and the client.

When a job request is posted, the Toptal team will review the requirements and check if it fits your qualification.

Once you’re recommended, you may have to undergo an interview or a trial period depending on the client’s discretion.

Other Factors to Consider Before Doing Freelancing on Mobile

If you believe that the pros of freelancing on mobile weigh more than its cons, then you are on the doorstep of pursuing the job. However, there are also other factors to consider.

The freelancing market is continuously growing. And with this expansion, more people let go of their 9-5 jobs and pursue freelancing.

While devices like your smartphone and a reliable internet connection are enough to get you started, you may find it challenging if you haven’t thought of the following factors:

  1. Your skills and interests
  2. Your target income
  3. Your level of expertise
  4. Your market knowledge
  5. Your commitment to the job

Nonetheless, if you considered these factors and critically analyze which freelancing job suits your best, then you can reap the full benefits of your freelancing career.

In a Nutshell

Doing freelance work using your smartphone is already a norm for some established freelancers.

However, for those who are yet to start freelancing, it may still depend on how comfortable you are in using your mobile.

But it gets the job done especially if you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer.

Furthermore, it comes in handy if you’re always traveling. So, why not give it a try and explore the world of freelancing today.