Computer Science and Digital Marketing! (4 Exciting Career Opportunities)

Computer science and digital marketing are two fields that’s really taking off right now. With rapid advancements in technology lately, these two seems to be two of the hottest skills that any person could have.

If you are here, You could probably be a computer science graduate like me with an interest in digital marketing as well. These two fields can be a deadly combination if implemented correctly.

So here in this article, we discuss four different exciting career opportunities that involves both these fields together.

Future of Computer Science and Digital Marketing

The future of computer science and digital marketing is quite bright. Technology is advancing day by day, advancements in areas like A.I and Machine learning has had quite a big impact for both these industries.

Chatbots, personalized ads, image recognition, etc, have been used by multiple companies and brands to market their products or services online.

If you look closely at most of these tools, you will find a computer science element in them.

Technologies like these will keep on coming and is never going to stop.

The 4 Different Career Opportunities

I’ve identified 4 different career opportunities that you can do with both computer science and digital marketing skills.

Starting Your Own Company

Starting your own company is a great way to implement both of these fields together. It can be a product-based company or a service-based company.

The first step obviously is to find a product to create, or a service to provide.

For a product based company, it can take some time to create the product. You will have to come up with ideas. I would probably suggest you look for problems in our everyday lives and try to come up with solutions that can be solved with the help of an app, software or a web-based tool.

For a service-based company, you could master a skill or two. Maybe app development, website development etc.

The next steps for a product-based company and the service-based company is the same and that is to use your digital marketing skills to market your product/service.

If you do, however, start a company, it’s probably not going to be alone for most people. Your friends may be there with you and if that’s the case, you could all divide the work among yourselves and make the process faster.

Working for a Startup Company

Working for a startup company is another way to leverage both your skills. Getting placed in a startup company as a fresher is always better than going behind big comapnies because it will help you know more about the company and how everything works.

Startup companies may usually be interested in people like you with multiple skillsets so that they can save some money and time finding other employees.

This is one of the best ways to build up your professional career right from the start. You might work more than 8 or 9 hours per day but it will eventually pay off in the future.

Once you finish 2 or 3 years successfully at the company, start searching for other jobs in big companies.

Building a Blog based on Technology or Computer ScienceBuilding up a blog is one of the best ways to implement both your skills together. You could concentrate on one technology and write articles related to it.

You could also promote different affiliate programs related to computer science or you could even create your own online course and promote them.

For egs: you could create a blog based on the Blockchain technology or any other thing that you are interested in and then write articles based on them. Once your blog grows, you could monetize it with ads, affiliate products or create and sell your own online course.

Managing a blog and making money from it will surely take a lot of time to bring in some income (probably around 8-12 months for the first $10 or $100 paycheck). But, once you pick up the pace, you will surely make more than what a typical 9-5 job pays you.

To get started with blogging, just:-

  1. Pick a niche and name
  2. Buy your Hosting and domain name from Bluehost
  3. Start creating content
  4. Monetize your content with affiliate products, ads or your own products.
  5. Be consistent and never lose hope.

If you want an in-depth tutorial on Blogging, check out my free training.

Working Full time for a Company and Part-time as a Digital Marketer

This is what I do.

I am a software engineer and I work part-time on this blog which has been one of the biggest life-changer for me. It surely is time-consuming and you won’t probably have much free time if you work on both these things.

But, has anyone ever achieved anything without hardwork? All successful people that you see right now has worked 12-15 hours per day during some part of their life.

So, I eventually look up to those successful people whenever I feel like quitting and I advise you should too.

Some things that you could do as a part-time digital marketer are

  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Building a blog/youtube channel
  • Running ads for agencies
  • Building funnels for businesses
  • Create and sell online courses
  • etc

These may feel a bit too much but if you can manage your time, it would be really simple to implement them.

I would suggest you set aside 2-3 hours per day for your side hustle. Either wake up early in the morning or stay late at night, whichever is comfortable for you.

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What Should You Do?

Confused on what to do? And Which to choose?

You are not alone. It’s normal.

I suggest you do what your heart desires because, in the end, it’s not about money or anything. It is about doing what you love and finding happiness within it. If you don’t love what you are doing, you are never going to succeed.

The amount of money that you generate will vary for each of the opportunities discussed above. Starting your company would be the riskiest and the hardest job on this list. But, if you can pull it off, it would be the highest rewarding one.

If you are someone who doesn’t like taking risks then the last one (or the second one) would be your best bet.

So, that’s it then.

If you have any more questions to ask, feel free to comment down below and I will answer it for you.