5 Best Affiliate Programs – Which One Should You Choose?

Affiliate marketing can be simply described as a way bloggers, influencers or webmasters can earn money by promoting and making sales of particular products provided by a particular company. So, today we will be looking at some of the Best Affiliate Programs for 2021.

If you are a blogger and are looking for ways to monetize your blog, Adsense would most probably be your first choice. But countless of them get rejected, right?

So what do you do? AdSense alternatives?

Nah! I would go for affiliate programs.

They give more $$$ and the traffic doesn’t matter. If you have the right product for your niche website. You are good to go!

So here are the Best Affiliate Programs for 2021 :-

1. Amazon Associates.

When you are just starting out, Amazon is the best place to start because everyone knows it and trusts them. Moreover, There are a million products for each and every niche and they are capable of delivering products in just one day.

And because of all these reasons, when you feature their products, people are more likely to buy from them.

The Good:

  • Up to 10% commissions on a product sale that you refer to!
  • All purchases made by the customer whom you referred will be added to your commission. That is, even if it’s not the product you linked to.
  • Trusted and millions of products available.

The Bad:

  • Only some products have about 10% commission. Books, Clothing and Amazon products like Kindle, Fire Stick are some of the products which have about 10% commissions.
  • Even though Amazon is worldwide, The affiliate links are country specific. So you need to have affiliate accounts for each country if you are planning to sell worldwide. That’s Disgusting!

2. ShareASale

Shareasale is another major affiliate network which consists of more than 4000 merchants. Diverse products are available for promoting within each niche. Known for its transparency and customer support, it is a great first option when starting with affiliate marketing.

The Good :

  • Pays you every 20th of the month with different payout options.
  • Wide varieties of products available with different merchants.

The Bad :

  • You need to apply to each merchant which is a bit annoying at times because not all merchant accepts our application.

Check it Out

3.ClickBank Affiliates (Best Affiliate Program)

ClickBank is another big affiliate network. It is almost as same as ShareASale with a great number of merchants whose products can be promoted. The main difference between them is that Clickbank does not need you to apply for each merchant.

ClickBank also gives out one of the highest commission in this Industry with a whopping 75%(up to) for the sale of one product.

TIP: When choosing a product on ClickBank, sort the merchants according to Gravity and choose the one which has the highest value. ( Gravity value defines how well the product is performing with respect to sales per month).

The Good:

  • Large varieties of products to choose from ranging from digital products to physical ones.
  • Highest commissions – up to 75% commission

The Bad:

  • The maximum amount that you will receive for each referral sale is $150. (ie, if a product sells for $1000 and the commission for it is 30%, you will only receive $150 for each sale)
  • Minimum Threshold is $100 and there are no digital payment methods. Only Wire transfer and Cheque payments are only supported at the time of writing.

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4.Flipkart Affiliates (For Indians)

Flipkart is another great marketplace which is highly popular in India and directly competes with Amazon. As they are a highly reputed company and trusted by most people in India, It’s a great place for beginners to start with. Download the Flipkart App here

The Good:

  • Up to 11% in commission for each sale.
  • Wide varieties of products available to promote.
  • Trusted by many.

The Bad:

  • Only some products have high commissions.
  • Only available in India.

5.CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate is one of the largest Affiliate networks which has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Their platform and Interface are a hell lot of easy to navigate!
For more advanced publishers, CJ Affiliate offers the CJ Performer Program, which has the potential to earn $10,000/month in commissions.

The Good:

  • A large Platform with more than 3000 merchants and a million products.
  • Easy to navigate interface

The Bad:

  • The Biggest disadvantage is that there are long delays in payments.

So that’s a wrap!

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These are my best Affiliate Programs for 2021. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below!

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