Why Is Clickfunnels so Expensive? Is it Worth That Money?

Business management and marketing tools are becoming expensive day-by-day. They range anywhere from $30 -$300 per month.

But, does these tools have the features or is it worth that money to buy them for your business?

Well, It depends!

There are a lot of tools which offers great features and is definitely a must-buy for every business. Clickfunnels is one of them!

But, Why is Clickfunnels so expensive?

Clickfunnels has a ton of features that makes them so expensive. One awesome feature is their page builder which allows anyone to build awesome looking pages on Clickfunnels. This has helped a countless number of businesses to reduce their costs by eliminating the need to spend thousands of dollars for web developers to build sales funnel.

Continue reading and find out why Clickfunnels is expensive and why you should consider buying it!

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is basically a sales funnel builder which allows you to build high converting landing pages without any technical skills. That means you don’t have to know HTML, CSS and other technical knowledge to build them.

This tool was a breakthrough to the marketing industry when it was first launched in 2014. It eliminated the need for quite a lot of things that saved money for many businesses.

Clickfunnels is now a multi-billion dollar business with not just one software product but with different courses and online training that many businesses would want.

10 Reasons Why ClickFunnels is So Expensive!

1. Easy Of Use

Clickfunnels is one of the easiest software to use. Their page builder is quite flexible and can be used to design high converting landing pages.

They provide a ton of templates to use so that you won’t need to design one on your own. These templates can come quite handy when you first start out.

However, if you find Clickfunnels to be difficult to use, there are a lot of free training available on YouTube that you could watch.

Clickfunnels dashboard also shows you the required analytics reports for each one of your funnels. So, you know which all funnels convert and which doesn’t.

2. No Web Developers Needed

Before tools like Clickfunnels existed, businesses used to spend thousands of dollars to build these funnels. Not only did it cost a huge amount of money, but it also took a lot of time to build them.

This is one of the main reasons why Clickfunnels is so expensive.

Now, with Clickfunnels, you can literally build a sales funnel in a day or so. However, if you don’t know how to write sales pages, you will still have to hire copywriters.

If you are a complete beginner to sales funnel, it’s always better to learn more about sales funnels and digital marketing before you buy Clickfunnels.

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3. Different Types Of Funnel

There are mainly three reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs use Clickfunnels. They are –

  • To generate leads
  • Convert visitors into sales
  • And conduct an Online Event

And for each of these, Clickfunnels offers hundreds of funnel templates that you can choose from. Some of these templates include – 2 step tripwire funnel, webinar funnel, survey funnel, etc.

When you select a funnel template, it will look somewhat like this.

From here you can choose to edit each pages, add a new page, order form etc.

4. Integrations

Clickfunnels integrates with a lot of third-party applications. This increases the functionalities of your funnel and will let manage your business smoothly.

Whether you want to integrate with an email marketing tool for sending out emails or for integrating with Zoom for your webinar, Clickfunnels provides it all.

Some 3rd Party integrations include:-

  • Aweber
  • Zoom
  • Getresponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Facebook
  • GoToWebinar
  • Hubspot
  • Kajabi
  • Interspire
  • Shipstation
  • Zapier (used to integrate with more 3rd part apps/tools.)
  • and a lot more.

5. Share Funnels

This is one of the best features that I like about Clickfunnels and that which makes it unique.

There are a lot of digital marketers who have been greatly successful by building sales funnels using Clickfunnels. Some of these people even provide these funnels completely free for you.

You can copy their exact funnel by importing them into your Clickfunnels account with just one click of a button.

That’s completely insane because you don’t have to do a single work and best part is that it’s proven to convert.

The problem, however, is that there are only a handful of people who gives away this for free. The rest of the marketers only provide them after you have purchased a course or training from them.

But, that’s completely OK because these marketers take a lot of time to build a funnel that converts. So, asking you to buy a course from them with their done-for-you funnels is still a better deal.

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6. Membership Area

Clickfunnels offers you a membership area where you can host your training material or exclusive content.

This is used by entrepreneurs to provide exclusive access to customers who sign up for their training or something like that. You can also drip feed them lesson by lesson if you want.

So, this means, you won’t have to use another alternative learning management software like teachable.

7. Order form and Payment gateways

If you are selling your own product (Physical or digital), a payment gateway is a must to accept payments from your customers.

A seamless checkout process is required so that your customers doesn’t get confused when buying your product. The order form can be implemented basically in 2 ways – the traditional form or the 2-step checkout process.

The 2 step checkout process also takes in lead information like email address and mobile number so that you can target these people again in the future.

In addition to this, You could also add an order bump to your checkout page. An order bump is very important. If you have a sales funnel and are not implementing it, then you are losing a lot of money.

An order bump can be explained with an example. When you are in a supermarket, you take what you need and finally reach the checkout counter. At the checkout counter, you might see a lot of things like Chocolate, chewing gums, etc on the counter and you would have added it to your shopping cart while checking out. Right?

That’s exactly what an order bump is. You add additional things for the customer to add on the same order form. An example is given below.

Clickfunnels can integrate with some of the best payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Apple pay, Android pay etc.

8. Affiliate Program For Your Own Product

Affiliate marketing is the best way to market a product to a wide variety of audiences. If you have a product and if you are not getting sales as expected, you could start an affiliate program for that product.

There will be a lot of people who would be happy to promote the product for a commission.

You can easily set up an affiliate centre for a particular funnel/product on Clickfunnels. These affiliate centres will allow your people to sign up as an affiliate for the product.

They will also be able to create links to specific pages in the funnels. You can set the commission rates, affiliate types and also do payouts to your affiliates.

9. Email Marketing Tool Integrated!

Clickfunnels has their own email marketing tool. You can collect leads, set up autoresponders, automations etc using their marketing tool.

Automation allows you to send out a series of emails when a subscriber joins your list. You can design them anyway you want.

Automation is a major part of sales funnel. So, make sure you do not miss them out when you build one.

Clickfunnels also features follow-up funnels. This feature of Clickfunnels will allow you to speak directly with individual customers based on information such as.

  • Who they are
  • What actions they took inside the funnel
  • What they’ve purchased from you and when.
  • Where they come from.

Instead of speaking to your customers with just one general message, you could personalize these messages according to the above information and send them to individual customers to boost conversions.

10. A/B Split Test

Split tests are a must if you are building a funnel. This is what differentiates the amateur marketers from professional ones.

You won’t know which marketing strategy is going to work best for your audience. If you start with just one and if unfortunately, it doesn’t convert, you may end up quitting.

If you split test between 2 different funnels and send traffic evenly to both of them. You will probably see one funnel which converts better than the other.

Split tests are very important whether it’s an email sequence or a landing page or a complete funnel. Only by frequently testing it in different forms will we know what works and what doesn’t.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

Clickfunnels recently changed their pricing structure. They have now added a new plan to it which is way higher than anything that you can imagine.

Clickfunnels, however, offers a 14-day free trial if you just want to test things out.

But normally it starts at $97/month for the basic plan. They have 2 other plans called the Clickfunnels platinum and Clickfunnels collective. They are priced at $297/month and $1497/month respectively.

If you are a beginner, the basic plane would be more than enough for you. However, you would miss out some core features like the email marketing tool, membership area, affiliate centre and other small features. All these features are included in both the other plans.

The Clickfunnels platinum plan is best for medium-sized businesses who are trying to scale up their online business.

Clickfunnels collective is for the funnel hackers who are trying to get into the two comma club. The Two Comma Club is an elite group of online entrepreneurs who have reached one million dollars in revenue using Clickfunnels.

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Is Clickfunnels The Right Tool For You?

This is the big question!

Clickfunnels is not the right tool for you if you cannot afford to pay at least $97/month. Even if you can afford them, don’t just buy it because of seeing massive results or payments proofs from different “Gurus” and ” internet marketers”. They do it because they get a commission if you join from their link.

I too am a Clickfunnels affiliate and I will get a commission if you join Clickfunnels from any of the links on this page. But never am I going to pressure someone to buy a tool just because I alone benefit from them.

Make sure you have a proper strategy that you can implement before buying Clickfunnels. This is not just the case with Clickfunnels, but for any tool that you buy online. Just think twice before you checkout!

Clickfunnels is an awesome tool but you can build sales funnel a lot cheaper using other tools. However, it will be hard and there will be quite a lot of challenges that you would have to face. I will be publishing a comprehensive article on that very soon. So, do bookmark this blog or stay tuned to see how I would do it.

If you want to check out a much cheaper tool which is quite similar to Clickfunnels, do check out Systeme.io. They are pretty new to the industry but has a huge potential right now.

Best of luck in creating funnels!