How To Create A Successful Website For Google Adsense – Step-By-Step Tutorial.

Creating a website and earning from ads is one of the best ways to earn a passive income online. There has been a huge demand for creating new websites in the 21st century. In fact, there are more than 1.7 billion websites as of now.

Now, the thing with successful websites is that they take time to get traffic and earn a consistent income online. And this is what most people forget when they start a website/blog. They think this as too easy. But, in reality, they end up quitting just after 2 or 3 months. So, if you are looking for a ‘get-rich-quick-scheme’, this is not the place.

Today, in this step-by-step tutorial, I will show exactly how you can create a website for Google Adsense and make money from it as fast as you can.

What You will Need?

To start building this website you would need to basically do 5 things. They are:-

  • Choosing a Domain and Host
  • Selecting an Adsense optimized WordPress Theme
  • Choosing a Niche
  • Installing Some Important Plugins
  • Creating Content/Articles
  • and Lastly applying for Adsense.
  • Bonus: Getting Traffic.

Choosing a Domain And A Host

The first thing you need is a domain and a hosting platform. The hosting platform that you choose must be reliable, affordable and must guarantee maximum uptime.The best one that I would recommend is Bluehost. They are very reliable and has a lot of good reviews for their WordPress hosting services.

Moreover, they are extremely affordable at just $2.95/month. For that price, you even get a free domain (.com included) and an SSL certificate. This means that you save at least $20 together.

P.S – Want a little more discount on Bluehost? Do the following – 1. When you reach the checkout page after selecting your plan, allow the page to load. 2. Then move your cursor to top (over the chrome tabs). 3. A popup would appear that gives you a little more discount. Click on Claim savings and you could then buy it.

There are other great hosting providers too. Some of them are Siteground, Hostinger and Namecheap. But. none of them provides a free domain on their basic plan and you will need to buy them separately.

However, if you plan to buy them separately, check out Namecheap and Godaddy. You could get domains for a very cheap price.

After you buy a hosting service and a domain name, link them together and then install WordPress on your host. Most hosting providers have a 1-click WordPress installation button. Click on that and just follow the guidelines.

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Selecting a Great WordPress Theme

Once you set up WordPress on your host, you will have a default theme installed on your blog/website.

This theme might not be optimized for Adsense. So, it’s always better if you choose a theme that is particular designed for Adsense so that you make higher earnings.

Some of the best Adsense themes are:-

1. Adsense Theme by MyThemeShop

This is the best theme you can get for your website. It’s highly optimised and is best for Adsense. This theme has some unique features like anti-adblocker which shows ads even to the users who have an ad blocker installed.

This is the theme you need if you want generate more income from Adsense. Get the theme here.

2. Admania

This is another perfect theme for your Adsense website. It is very well optimised so you can squeeze every bit of earnings through Adsense.

You can get this theme here

The above two themes are the best ones that I recommend. Both of these are paid themes, if you don’t have the money to buy, you can always choose a free theme. Some Adsense compatible free themes are given here.

Choosing Your Niche

Once you have everything set up on your blog. You will now need to choose a niche. It’s always better to choose a specific topic/niche and write articles based on them rather than going for a broad topic.

An example would be something like sports. Sports is something that is very broad and writing about it might not be a good idea. Sports can be categorised into Football, Tennis, Cricket etc and you could pick any one of them. So, all I am trying to say is that choose a topic which neither too broad nor too narrow.

There’s is also another thing to consider when you choose your niche. This is really important and will decide whether you would quit early or not.

It’s the “Interest” in the niche!

If you do not have any interest in the topic you write, it will be like a daily 9-5 job that you hate. So, choose one that you are really into, but at the same time you should look out for the competition in that niche (Meaning that less amount of people are writing content about them).

Since your site will be monetized with Adsense, we will need to find niches/topics that have a high CPC rate. CPC means cost-per-click and it is the amount that Adsense pays when a user clicks on the ad placed on your website.

Different niches have different CPC rates. So, here are the top paying adsense keywords/niches. Try to choose from these if you want to generate more income.

Insurance$59 CPC
Gas/Electricity$57 CPC
Loans$50 CPC
Mortgage$44 CPC
Attorney$48 CPC
Lawyer$43 CPC
Donate$42 CPC
Conference Call$42 CPC
Degree$40 CPC
Credit$38 CPC
 Treatment$37 CPC
Software$35 CPC
Classes$35 CPC
Recovery$34 CPC
Trading$33 CPC
Rehab$33 CPC
Hosting$31 CPC
Transfer$29 CPC
Cord Blood$27 CPC
Claim$25 CPC

From the above niches, select one and then categorize or divide them into sub-categories. Then choose one from them. Otherwise, it will be a bit too broad.

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Installing Some Important Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins on WordPress, however, you will only need a handful of them. Here are the plugins you should install.

To download and install a plugin, go to Plugins -> Add new and then search the plugin that you want.

1. Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

This is analytics tool for WordPress which shows you how many visitors came to your website and other insights. It show the exact same thing shown on Google Analytics.

But I personally use this as a way to connect my WordPress website with my Google Analytics account. However, You can manually connect them by placing some code in the root of your website. But, that’s just too technical!

2. Smush

Smush is a plugin which reduces the image size that you upload on your website. This, in turn, will speed up your website and of course improve your site’s SEO.

3. WP Date Remover

This is a very simple plugin which hides the dates of your published posts. People don’t like reading older posts so once they see an outdated article from the past year, they would either not click on the link or they will go back to google search for another article.

So, this can be crucial plugin in the future.

4. Rank Math SEO

This was one of my most used plugins. But once I learned how to properly do SEO, I stopped using this.

I now use this as a word counter! Sorry Rank Math!

But for beginners, this might help you rank some posts by optimising your on-page SEO. Keep in mind that optimising your on-page SEO just doesn’t rank your content on Google. Google has other parameters like content quality, backlinks and much more.

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Creating Content/Articles

To write a post/article on WordPress, go to Posts -> New Post.

But, before you write a post, Do you know on what you would write?

That’s where keyword research comes in. Keyword research is a technique which is used to find keyword/topic for your blog post that is less competitive and gets a good amount of traffic on Google.

There are tons of different keywords tools on the internet and I won’t recommend even one of them. They are wrong, overpriced and are useless.

The correct way to do keyword research is by using Google itself. This is literally the best way to do it. I learned it from Jim and Ricky at Income School. They are the best teachers out there on the internet that will help you in your blogging journey.

So, it’s better if I don’t ruin it up by writing it here. Instead, check out this video from them.



Once you have a topic to write, start writing a 1500 word article and make sure that none of your articles gets short of less than 1300 words.

If you want, you can use Rank Math SEO to optimize your content. But make sure that you don’t stuff keywords here and there where they don’t belong. This is because Google has become much intelligent than ever and you should probably improve the quality of your post than just stuffing keywords.

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Applying For Adsense

Once you have at least 15-20 posts on your blog, Apply for Adsense. Adsense does take some time to approve. They do have some policies that you should fulfil. Check out how I managed to get my Adsense account approved in just 47 days and with just 10 posts and just 1 comment.

You will most probably get rejected the first time itself. Don’t worry, it happens to most of us. It will eventually take time.

Bonus: Getting Traffic To Your Blog

Getting traffic to your blog is a very hard process. You will get frustrated by seeing just 10-20 views per day for so long that you will try to quit. But, please don’t! Don’t be like the other 90% of the people!

Some ways in which I was able to get some traffic are given below:-

1. Quora

During the initial days, Quora did give me some consistent views each day. I used to answer questions related to the articles that I write on my blog.

Many people say that this doesn’t work and all. But believe me, it does, if you write a pretty lengthy answer that people can understand and not just a spammy self promoting answer.

2. Pinterest

If you are in the fitness, travel, cooking, home decor and other niches. This is the best way to get a huge amount of traffic.

I use Tailwind tribes to get the most out of Pinterest. Tailwind tribes have a feature called as tribes which are small category-specific groups that let you share your pin with them. Once shared, this pin would be shared by many on their Pinterest accounts too.

So, this way you can get a ton of traffic from Pinterest.

Surprisingly, there are people who do use Pinterest as their only source of traffic. That’s just amazing!

If you are wondering how you would design your pins on Pinterest, there’s an online platform called Canva which lets you design in any way you want.

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Starting a blog/website is one of the best ways to generate passive income online. Many people have built 5-6 figures online from blogging. But, that’s not because they were lucky, it’s because they worked for it and scaled it up!

So, once you start earning a consistent income from Adsense, don’t just sit there and be happy with what you have. Try and scale it up!

Start affiliate marketing and selling your own products online. Products can be a course, software, an eBook etc.

Hope I have explained this article in the simplest way possible. If there are any doubts and queries, feel free to use the comment section down below!