Clickfunnels vs Kartra? Which is Best For Your Business

Marketing tools have helped thousands of businesses to succeed online. Without these platforms, it might be quite hard for people to build even a simple email list.

Every business has some kind of marketing strategy so that people can take their business into a whole new level.

In order to implement this strategy, There are so many marketing platforms on the internet. Clickfunnels and Kartra are two of them.

The main difference between Clickfunnels and Kartra is that Kartra is an all-in-one marketing tool while Clickfunnels is a dedicated sales funnel builder. So, the nature of your business decides which one you want. If you just want a complete funnel builder, Clickfunnels would be the way to go. But, if you want something more than just a funnel builder, Kartra offers a total solution for your business.

So, Let’s see what both Clickfunnels and Kartra has to offer. And at the end of this, you will be sure which platform would be the best for your business.

Disclaimer – I am an affiliate to both these platforms. I may make a small commission when you join any of theses 2 platforms from the links provided on this page. This is how I manage this blog and bring you more useful content. Thank you!


Clickfunnels vs Kartra 2021! Which is the best funnel builder?

What is Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is basically a website and a sales funnel builder which helps you build sales funnels that help businesses market, sell and deliver their products and services online. It was founded by Russell Brunson.

For those who don’t know what a sales funnel is? It is basically a path your visitors take which ultimately leads to the purchase of a product or service.

And why do people use them?

To simply nurture your leads/visitors so that it builds trust in them. Then finally you give them a product to purchase. This method really works.

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What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one marketing software that helps you build and grow your online business. It has some additional features when compared with Clickfunnels which you will see later in this post.

Unlike ClickFunnels, Kartra is a new company which was launched in April 2018. But, even if it’s new. It provides powerful features that makes it unique among others.

Features Comparison: ClickFunnels Vs Kartra

So for each feature, I will assign points depending on which is good. So they both start with 0 points and will be incremented by 1 for each feature.

So, In the end, You will know which you would want to pay for.

1. Landing Page Builder

Both Clickfunnels and Kartra provides you with a great visual drag and drop builder. They allow you to customize each pages depending on your needs.

They both have good templates that you can literally edit and use. This can help you a lot when you are just starting out.

However, the drag and drop builder of Kartra is a bit too complex. It doesn’t offer much flexibility like the Clickfunnels editor.

So, here Clickfunnels is the winner


2. Email Marketing

Both platforms provide their own email marketing tool. They can basically replace some of the best-in-class email marketing tools like Getresponse, Mailchimp etc.

You will get almost all the features you get from these above-mentioned tools. So, that means you get the automation workflow builder, email broadcast, list builder and much more in just one single package.

Clickfunnels also do have this feature but there is a catch.

You will have to pay an additional $200/month to get this along with other additional features.

Kartra doesn’t charge a dime more for using their email marketing tool. So, here, Kartra surely gets one point.


3. Funnel and Page Templates

Clickfunnels and Kartra do have some great funnel and page templates. Funnel templates allow you to save more time by just modifying the given one.

However, Clickfunnels provide 22 different types of funnels templates compared with just 5 provided by Kartra.

Some funnel types are: Lead capture funnels, Sales Page funnels, Simple Squeeze page, Webinar Funnels etc.

Kartra too has some funnel templates or what they call as “done-for-you campaigns” which lets you import them directly to your account.

Similarly, It’s the same case with Page templates. Clickfunnels provide a wide variety of page templates intended for different purposes depending on your marketing strategy. Kartra is also a little bit short on page templates.

So, 1 more point for Clickfunnels.


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4. Funnel Builder

As I said before, Both these platforms offer a great funnel builder. Since Clickfunnels is entirely a dedicated funnel building software, it surely wins here.

But, don’t get me wrong, Kartra too has one of the best funnel builders out there. Both these softwares allow you to add a lead capture page, sales page, checkout page, upsell page and more.

They also have a tagging feature which lets you profile your prospects as they advance through the funnel and segments them into targeted sub-groups. And then, you can send personalised emails to these sub-groups

So, here, Clickfunnels gets the point


5. Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels and Kartra have affiliate programs which will help you make money by promoting the respective software.

Kartra gives you 40% commission for every sale that you make for them. But, they do not have any other products that you can promote. This is not a big deal but still, since we are comparing, every feature needs to be considered.

Clickfunnels has a better affiliate program since it lets you promote a wide variety of products rather than just their software. They also offer a 40% commission for the software.

They also have some good quality products with huge commissions and upsells.

Clickfunnels and Kartra offer recurring commissions when you promote their affiliate program. This way, you will have 2nd-tier affiliates under you. Which means when they make money, you get a small commission (5% for Clickfunnels and 10% for Kartra).

If you are not an affiliate to any of these programs, go sign up now (I would be so grateful if you use the below-provided links)

Since it offers a lot more products to promote, I go for Clickfunnels


6. Affiliate System for Your Funnels

No! This is not the above same thing.

Both Kartra and Clickfunnels lets you add an affiliate system to each funnel that you create. This way you will have your own affiliate program where you give away a certain amount of commission to whoever that sells your product.

This is one of the best ways to market a funnel because you do not need to spend money on traffic, ads etc. You just need some affiliate marketers who are ready to promote your products.

Both these Platforms does a great job in managing affiliates. But, for Clickfunnels you will have to pay an additional $200 for this feature along with other features( includes Email Marketing, Follow-up funnels etc).

Because of this, Kartra is the true winner here.


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7. Membership Portal

Membership portals are a way by which a person is allowed to sign up to things like training programs, courses, webinars etc.

Both these software allows you to do that. If you have some great value info product, creating a course on any one of these platforms would be a great idea

Kartra, however, provides some additional features such as multi-tier membership where you can provide your users access to different predefined sets of content with different pricing.

They also provide a much better interface than Clickfunnels for managing your members.

So, Here Kartra is definitely the better one.


8. Share Funnels And Marketplace

People create great funnels that can literally help your business. Some people may share them in the marketplace for a fixed amount of money.

Both these platforms provide a marketplace where people can share their funnels and make money from them. It’s a nice addition and can help a lot of beginners who start a business online.

Beginners can also get a lot of these funnels from other websites too. Some people give them out freely on their respective blogs.

Since both, Clickfunnels and Kartra provide this feature. I give 1 point for each of them.


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9. Follow-up Funnels

This is a feature that only Clickfunnels provides.

It’s somewhat similar to the tagging feature that I explained but with much higher potential.

You can retrieve information like where your customers live, what books they read, how much time they stayed on your page, how many followers they have and much more valuable information.

From all this information, you can understand more about your customers and can group them into subgroups. Then, can send them personalised messages and emails.

So, Clickfunnels again with another point.


10. Appointment Manager or Kartra Calenders.

Kartra has a feature called as Kartra Calenders where your customers or clients can schedule 1-on-1 coaching with you.

This can be a great feature if run a personalised consultancy service. Your customers can check, schedule and manage their appointments with you.

This is an additional feature and only a handful of people may use this feature depending upon their business model.

Anyway, Kartra gets a point here


11. Helpdesk or Support for your customers

Customer care is of utmost importance if you are selling a product. Kartra offers different ways for your customers to contact you when you run your business.

This is a simple but powerful feature because a part of people look at the after-sales and product support before they buy your product.

So, This feature can essentially bring you more sales.

Unfortunately, Clickfunnels does not provide this feature. Kartra Helpdesks will help your customers to contact you in different ways such as live chat, ticketing system etc.

So, Kartra now equals with Clickfunnels


12. Agency

So, yeah this is the tie-breaker.

If you provide a service or you are an agency that manages a lot of client accounts. Karta might be the best option for you.

Kartra lets you create and manage Kartra accounts for your clients. You get a 40% discount for each account that you create for them.

This might be a good pick for you if you run and manage a lot of clients sales funnels and other marketing services.

This feature is only available on Kartra. So, This guy wins here.


Now, Kartra winning in this feature comparison test doesn’t mean that Clickfunnels is not good. Kartra, being an all-in-one marketing tool provides much more features. Clickfunnels, on the other hand, is a sales funnel builder and is one of the best you can get.

Additional Features of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels has the following additional features.

  • A great dashboard which displays the stats of funnels, email lists, which funnels converts best and more.
  • Provides Split Testing between funnels, which tests 2 funnels and helps you understand which converts more.
  • It helps you generate leads, sales or run an event(like a webinar) using sales funnel.
  • You can create and sell different sales funnel in Click funnels itself.
  • One-click Upsells which lets you add additional products after they purchase a product.
  • Order forms which help you create an easy checkout process for your customers that reduces cart abandonment.
  • Templates are very easy to edit.
  • You can adjust and design almost anything you want on that page.
  • Helps you sell both physical and digital products.
  • Integrations with major platforms.
  • Free training programs provided by ClickFunnels itself. You can join the course here.
  • ClickFunnels has a great support team.

Additional Features of Kartra

Here are some of the features o Kartra:

  • Create, market and launch online without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, designers or system integrators!
  • It logs each lead(meaning person) and tracks what all they do.
  • You can send relevant messages or emails to each of your leads.
  • Market your products and offer content to your customers using videos.
  • 50+ professional and high converting opt-in forms.
  • All your emails are tracked and help you find the full analytics report on them.
  • Drag, drop and connect each page and email in a sales funnel.
  • Set up a sequence of actions when a particular event is triggered.
  • Katra integrates with many other tools too like Mailchimp, Convertkit, Paypal etc.
  • The Customer care of Kartra is good

Drawbacks of ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels is much more like a dedicated funnel building software rather than a complete marketing tool.

So, it lacks some features like appointment scheduler and helpdesks. But, this is not a big problem if your primary concern is marketing products through sales funnels.

The price is another downside of ClickFunnels. Pricing starts at $97/month. But the starting plan does not include the Email marketing tool, Affiliate system for your funnels and other small features.

If you want those additional features, you will have to pay for the Clickfunnels Platinum (Earlier called as Etison Suite) which costs $297/month.

But, all funnel builders are priced around the $100 mark, so this is can’t be taken as a Con.


Drawbacks Of Kartra

Kartra doesn’t have much funnel templates or “done-for-you” campaigns that you can use for your business.

The other drawback of Kartra is the price. It starts at $99/month. But, if you opt to pay annually it will be reduced to $79/month.

With the starting plan, you can only add 2500 emails, sell 10 products and you get other features like send 15,000 emails, host 10 pages, create 2 memberships and stream 50GB bandwidth.

But, for an all-in-one marketing tool like this, you can’t get a cheaper option like this one.

Clickfunnels vs Kartra in a Nutshell – Key Differences Between Them


  • Best Funnel Builder
  • A lot of page and Funnel Templates
  • Email marketing tool comes at a price.
  • Proven software for the past 5 years.
  • The Affiliate System for your funnels is also only available on the higher plan.
  • No appointment manager
  • No helpdesks for your products.
  • Provide Follow-up funnels
  • Pricing plans start at $97/month


  • All-in-one Marketing tool
  • Less number of templates available.
  • Email marketing tool is available on every plan.
  • Launched in 2018.
  • The affiliate system for your funnels is available on all plans
  • Appointment manager available
  • Helpdesks for your products
  • No Follow-up funnels
  • Pricing Plans start at $99/month

Pricing Comparison: Clickfunnels vs Kartra

Both ClickFunnels and Kartra are pretty much expensive. But, they both are powerful solutions for your online businesses.

Clickfunnels has 2 plans:- It starts at $97

However, you only get the Email Marketing Tool, follow-up funnels and Affiliate Management System on the Clickfunnels platinum which is priced at $297/month.

That’s quite expensive!

I wouldn’t recommend you to get the Clickfunnels Platinum. You could literally get these additional features on Kartra or you can buy an Email marketing software like Getresponse. There are also other cheaper affiliate management systems which you may be able to integrate with Clickfunnels.

But, if you are considering to buy the Clickfunnels Basic package for $97/month, it’s definitely worth the money.

Kartra has 4 Different pricing plans. The price starts at $79/month if you bill annually else it’s $99/month.

Each plan on Kartra includes each and every feature that I explained. But you get limited access depending upon the plan you pick.

With Kartra, it might get a little bit expensive when your business grows. But, it won’t be a problem for you since you will be making a lot of money by then.

Clickfunnels vs Kartra: Which One’s Better in 2021?

If your primary goal is to make high converting sales funnels, market and sell your products or affiliate products online, then definitely choose Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels offers a better page editor, more sales funnel templates, follow-up-funnels and other small features.

But, If you want an all-in-one marketing tool that has some additional features like appointment scheduler, helpdesk for your customers, managing clients and many such features, you can opt for Kartra.

If you are still in doubt go and try the free trial of ClickFunnels from here and The trial of Kartra for $1 from here.

Choose the one that suits your business the best after the 14-day trial period ends.


So I believe I have helped you choose the best among Clickfunnels vs Kartra. Before, You pay for one of these softwares, make sure that you have a clear-cut idea on how sales funnel work and how you can make money with them.

When starting on both these platforms, it might be hard for you to understand and learn in the beginning. But, there are a lot of great tutorials on Youtube that can help you understand.

So, both these softwares are really good. But, in the end, it all depends on what you intend to do with it. Choose the one that fits your business model the best.

Best of Luck.