Buying Backlinks On Fiverr? My Personal Experience!

When we are quite new to the blogging world, we tend to make a lot of mistakes. We think doing some things can help us drive more traffic and eventually speed up the process of making money.

One such mistake that I personally made was to buy backlinks from Fiverr for a very cheap price.

So, Is it safe to buy backlinks on Fiverr? Did it give me any results?

In short! Buying backlinks is not at all safe. I didn’t know what I was doing back then and it has hurt this blog in a number of ways. The backlinks that I bought did allow me to get on top of Google for one of my keywords. BUT, as time went on, these crappy links started to haunt me and still haunts me to this day.

Please Read – Lately, I came to know that Fiverr was an Israeli-based company. I am completely against Israel and anything that funds them. Since I rank on Google for this post, I thought it would be better to let people know this instead of just deleting this post. That way, I may be able to convince at least 1 or 2 to stay away from this platform. I used to promote them in the past (as an affiliate) and now I have stopped it completely. Try using other platforms like Upwork or Toptal but please try to stay away from Fiverr. #FreePalastine

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that point from other websites to your blog. These backlinks are an important factor in SEO.

But not all backlinks are good for your blog. Backlinks that are relevant and are from higher authority blogs are the best ones.

For eg: if your content is on cooking and you receive a backlink from a blog that’s based on sports, then it sends a negative mark to google rather than doing any good.

And also getting backlinks from higher authority sites in your niche is far better than getting it from smaller blogs.

So, relevancy and quality are one of the main factors that Google looks at in a backlink.

My Personal Experience

More than a year ago, when I started this blog, I was frustrated with the traffic that I received (which happens to all of us).

I needed to find a solution…

And that’s when I heard about backlinks and their importance.

Like everyone else, I started building backlinks by commenting on blogs and other kinds of stuff but it wasn’t that effective.

So, I went on Fiverr and looked for high-quality backlinks that could potentially get my blog on the top. I found one which “claimed” to provide high-quality backlinks. So, without much thought, I ordered.

Now, this is where I started to get excited!

I was able to rank a particular blog post on Google. I started getting traffic and to be frank it did help me motivate myself into writing more content for this blog.

But…the thing that I didn’t know was that I was slowly damaging my blog.

Now, once something works, you try to do it again, right?

So, Yeah! I ordered those links once again believing that I would be able to rank a lot of blog posts and finally drive in thousands of visitors to my blog.

This time nothing happened and I couldn’t rank those articles on google nor could I get more traffic.

Fast forward to today, I still get a considerable amount of traffic but each time Google releases a core update, my blog falls down the ranking ladder and the traffic reduces by 40%-50%!

When this started happening, I began removing those links from my blog by using the Google disavow tool. However, I haven’t still removed them fully.

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Why Buying Backlinks is not safe.

Now that you know my story, let me give you some of the reasons why these backlinks aren’t safe.

Low Quality Backlinks

No matter how many backlinks you get, if the quality of these links sucks then they are no use to you and it’s better to avoid them than regret it in the future.

I ordered backlinks from Fiverr. Platforms like Fiverr has a lot of freelancer doing these kinds of stuff because they are easy to do.

Most of these backlinks that these freelancers sell are poor, low-quality links. There are freelancers who give genuine links by reaching out to big blogs and websites. But the problem with them is that they charge a very high fee.

If a freelancer from any Fiverr or any other platform claims to provide a huge number of backlinks for a very cheap price, then those backlinks will be of poor quality and never buy them.


In recent algorithm updates, Google has made it clear that only relevant links to your articles matter. Irrelevant links to articles are going to hurt your blog and I would advise you to remove them as soon as possible.

These links that you are going to get when you buy from Fiverr or any other platforms come from different general sites which are hosted on free hosting platforms.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google releases small and core algorithm updates every now and then. When this happens, you either see a rise in traffic or a fall.

The links that you buy from Fiverr or from other platforms wouldn’t be able to survive these updates that Google releases. And that’s what happened to me!

But I have seen websites with spam backlinks that don’t get affected by these updates. I’ll speak more on this later.

Authority score (Domain Authority)

The domain authority is a metric invented by Moz to measure the authority of a particular website. The higher the number, the greater the chance of you getting on top of Google.

These authority scores will increase when you get high-domain authority blogs to link to your blog.

These spam backlinks that you buy will also increase your domain authority in the short run but it will eventually start decreasing when Google finds about them.

Spam Score

The spam score is another metric that Moz invented and according to them, Spam Score represents the percentage of sites with similar features they’ve found to be penalized or banned by Google.

Most of the links that you buy will have a very high spam score and when these websites link to you, It gives a negative impression to Google.

So, Should you Buy Backlinks?

To answer that, I need to show you some facts and figures.

You have already heard my story right!

Google had already sued me by reducing my traffic and ranking me down in their search for every update that they release!

I personally do not like the algorithm updates not because I get affected by it every time they release but because they do have a lot of mistakes.

For instance, I have seen several websites which have a large amount articles on them. But, all these articles, and I mean all of them are the same! the only difference is that the words in these articles are jumbled up. And these stupid SPAM websites rank on the first page Google.

Can you imagine that? It’s just so annoying to see something like that, especially for bloggers..

Here’s an example of that:-

These are just 2 of the articles from thousands of articles that they have. And the funny part is that all these articles are exactly the same. And some of these even rank on the first page of Google.

Even after these many algorithm updates, Google hasn’t yet solved this single problem. They aren’t penalizing websites with duplicate content!

So, Why does Google let them rank in their search?

Yes, Because they have a lot of spam backlinks that point to these websites.

But these spam backlinks should have done something bad rather than good right?

Yeah, they should have but it’s not the case. Somehow those backlinks have faked Google into thinking they are good.

Now, this might get you into thinking that you should too buy backlinks, right?

Yes, you can buy only if you want your website for a year or so.

Google is becoming more intelligent day by day. It wouldn’t take them long to find these spam websites and penalize them. So, I would advise you not to go through this path when you are building a blog or an online business.

What you should do Instead!

When you are building a blog or an online business, time is a big, big factor. You can’t expect your 1-month old blog to make money or rank on Google.

It eventually takes time.

After learning a lot of lessons through my blogging journey which involved a lot of research and reading, I stopped caring about backlinks and focused more on content quality with effective keyword research.

Keyword research is absolutely necessary because you can’t rank for keywords that are already dominated by big authority blogs. So, targeting a low competitive keyword is a necessary step.

I do keyword research the way Income School had taught. It has helped me rank a lot of keywords and has gradually helped me bring up this blog. I have discussed this keyword research in my blogging course. So, make sure you check it out.

There are no shortcuts to success. Every successful blogger that you see on the internet today is because of their hard work, determination, consistency, and patience. If you have those 4 things, you could be successful too.

Hope you got some value from this article. Please feel free to comment down below and I would be glad to help you out!