How to Start Freelancing Without Any Skills? (7 Ways)

There has been a lot of movement in the freelancing industry in the past few years with many people switching their careers in order to escape their 9-5.

With the introduction of platforms like Freelancer and Upwork, it has become even easier for a lot of people to start their freelancing journey.

But, Is it for everyone and can you start freelancing without any skills?

Yes, You can start freelancing without any skills or experience. There is certainly a lot of work that doesn’t need much work and only needs some basic skills. Platforms like Freelancer and Upwork will surely help you in laying your foundation and help you in starting this journey. However, the amount of money that you get paid for these kinds of simple work might be less compared with jobs that require skills.

How Can You Start Freelancing?

There are a lot of ways by which you can start your freelancing journey.

The most preferred way by most people is by using freelancing platforms like Freelancer and Upwork. These sites surely will help you to start, but it would be a terrible idea if you continue using it even after you gain some experience and after establishing yourself as a brand.

The reason for this is that some platforms take as much as 20% of your earnings which is so high in my opinion.

What I would recommend is to

  • Start with Freelancer or Upwork.
  • Then work your way to 100 or more orders.
  • By this time you would have gained a lot of experience and exposure.
  • If your service was ordered multiple times by a client from these freelancing platforms, let him/her know that you are moving away from the platform.
  • Then build a website for your service
  • Advertise
  • Receive orders directly from your website.

This way you not only profit almost all the money from the client but also you will be able to establish yourself as a brand and scale your services even higher.

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7 Ways to Make Money with Freelancing Without Any Skills

1. Blog/Article Writing

Blog or article writing is pretty easy if you know a particular language very well. It is one of the easiest services that you can provide online.

It also has a lot of demand because there are a lot of bloggers like me who need content for their websites.

If you want, you can look up some YouTube videos on article writing so that you gain more insight into the structure and writing style.

I would highly recommend you start your journey with Upwork or with Writer Access.

2. Logo Designing

Wait. Wait! I know that logo designing surely needs a bit of skill to get started!

But hear me out!

With sites like Placeit, it has become so easy to create these logos. Placeit also gives you hundreds and thousands of templates that you can modify.

However, use this as a stepping stone to logo designing and as you gain more popularity and get more orders, you should surely upskill yourself.

I would highly suggest you start with a platform like 99designs or Upwork and you could ask about $5-$15 per design.

3. Overlays

This is yet another service that can leverage the power of Placeit.

When you signup on Placeit, there are thousands of overlays that you can literally use, edit and sell to your clients.

There are a lot of streamers these who need such kinds of overlays on Youtube and Twitch. Overlays are very much hot right now because of the number of streamers that have emerged recently.

You could charge around $10-$20 per overlay.

P.S – You can use Placeit for any type of graphics-related services and not just logo designing and overlays.

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4. Business Name Suggestion

This is somewhat like a side hustle that you could do along with your day job.

There are a lot of companies or individuals who would want to have a professional name for their organization/company.

You could easily help them find one and make money from it.

Sites like and can help you with this.

I would recommend you start with SquadHelp. However, It’s not a freelancing platform. Instead, it’s like a contest-type website where companies reward you with about $100-$300 per business name you generate for them.

P.S – SquadHelp is a bit competitive. But if you are good with names, it would be better if you start with SquadHelp.

5. Voice Over for Videos

This is yet another work that doesn’t require many skills. If you are comfortable with your voice, then that’s all you need.

Usually, for a voice-over, the client will give you a script that you would just need readout.

The only thing that you would need would be a great microphone so that the voice is crystal clear without any noise. You could check out this best-selling microphone if you want.

However, If you are not comfortable with your voice, you could use an A.I tool called Speechelo. It converts any text into a human-sounding speech. However, there are some robotic sounds in the tool, so make sure you select a human-sounding voice.

You can check out some of the voices provided by Speechelo from here.

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6. Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any business. Most businesses usually have permanent staff for this, however, there are a lot of individual businesses that hire freelancers on a regular basis.

Your role will be to assist the customers with whatever concerns or questions they have about a product or service on your client’s website.

The best part about this is that if you do a great job, there’s a very high chance that the client will stick on with you for a longer time.

7. Video Subtitles

Subtitles are a must for any videos if your content is viewed worldwide. This service can be even better if you can translate to any other language, but that’s optional.

Youtubers, digital marketers, and other content creators want people to add subtitles to their videos or ads.

You could provide this service easily as this doesn’t require any skill.

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Freelancing is surely not for everyone. But, if you are someone who hates your 9-5 job and wants a flexible lifestyle, freelancing would be one of the best ways to do it.

Hope I was able to help you start your freelancing journey. Most of the gigs listed above can be started without any skills.

If you have any questions, please let me know by commenting down below.