Are Blogging Courses Worth It in 2021? Or Are They All Just A Scam?

Starting a blog online is one of the few things that many people have tried. But not all these people succeed.


I am saying like, 90% of them fail!

There can be different reasons for this. Lack of patience, laziness, or even if they didn’t receive proper training!

So are blogging courses worth it?

Yes, Blogging courses are worth it if you choose the right course. There are hundreds of blogging courses out there on the internet. Some are good, some are bad. It really depends on which course you choose to buy and learn.

However, almost 80%-90% of the content on each of these courses would be the same. There wouldn’t be much of difference.

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Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

Is It Worth To Start A Blog in 2021?

Blogging is a great way to make money if you have the patience to do it. But is it worth to start a blog in 2021?

There are more than 1.7 billion websites and counting right now. A blog or website is made each and every second as we speak.

But, that doesn’t mean starting a blog isn’t worth the time and effort. Most of the 1.7 billion blogs do not come out to the spotlight. People just give them up after some time.

In my opinion, it is still worth it to start a blog and believe me if you continue it for some time, I guarantee that you wouldn’t regret the decision that you made.

Selecting the niche is the single most important thing to consider before starting a blog. Ensure that you are interested in that niche and only a less number of people blog about it.

Even if you fail the first time, that shouldn’t be the end of it. I have failed countless times trying to make some money online. But, I didn’t stop, and never will.

Patience and Consistency is The Key!

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Why Should You Enroll in a Blogging Course?

There are a lot of blogging courses online. But, are they really needed? can you succeed without enrolling for a blogging course?

The answer for this can be both Yes or No. It depends.

Here are some reasons why you should enrol in a course:-

1. Beginner Friendly and Will Reduce a Lot of Mistakes.

Some people may have the will power and the self-learning capacity to research on these topics and implement them. These people need not buy any course. They may, however, be slower than the ones enrolled in a course. That’s because these people will make a lot of mistakes.

But, if you are a person who is a complete beginner or cannot self-learn the different topics, They surely will need a course so that they become successful.

2. A Proper Schedule

Each and every online blogging course has a proper schedule. These courses instruct each and everything needed to do on a daily basis. This way you won’t deviate from the course.

They will also show you the exact steps in setting up almost anything needed.

3. Stay Motivated, Since you have paid for the course.

Let’s take an example. I live in a Hostel which has a gym. It’s free to use. I start hitting the gym regularly for 1 or 2 weeks and then eventually stop. It’s because of 2 reasons:-

  1. I do not pay for the Gym
  2. There is no Instructor/teacher to motivate you.

Every single thing works that way, Once you pay for something, you give some value to it. That way, you try completing the course or whatever the hell it is.

Consider these blogging courses like a college or a university where you enrol so that you may get a job after you graduate. And, unlike Universities, blogging builds a business within 1 or 2 years and it can become a passive income for you.

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Best Blogging Course in 2021

Countless blogging courses exist on the internet, and we need to choose one that gives us the best output.

1. Project 24 By Income School

There is not a single online course on earth that can match the quality of content that this course provides.

Project 24 is much more than just an online course. It consists of video tutorials, podcasts, vlogs and a highly engaged community.

Project 24 is designed to walk you through the step by step process to create 2 websites, 1 Authority website and a Niche Website.

Each Course is designed in such a way that they can be completed within the timeline.

24 months is the time period they have specified in order to build a profitable website. Their estimates show that you can make around $7000 per month at the end of 2 years.

So, Are Blogging Courses Worth It?

Some blogging courses are worth the money. I recommend the above course only and do not know if other courses are worth it or not.

As I said, Only when you pay for something will you start to give some value to it. Otherwise, you will just start and then after some days or weeks, you stop.

Moreover, consider these courses like a university degree or certification. You will get what you pay for. Unlike a degree, You actually build a business which can simply replace your job and finally live the life you always wanted.

I have to say one thing though, starting and managing a blog is really hard. You need to have 3 things- Patience, Consistency and HardWork. When you combine these 3 things, you will surely succeed in this business.

So, hope I have answered your question, feel free to comment down below.