ClickBank Vs ClickFunnels! How to Promote ClickBank Products Using ClickFunnels?

There is often a common misconception between ClickFunnels and ClickBank. Are they in any way similar?

In One word. No!

But, there is a small similarity between the two. Let’s find out by comparing Clickbank vs ClickFunnels.

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ClickBank Vs ClickFunnels

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank is an affiliate marketplace where affiliate marketers can promote products listed in their marketplace.

Clickbank is one of the best and the highest paying affiliate marketplace on the internet right now!

There are hundreds and thousands of products in every niche that you can promote. And some of these even have a commission rate of 70%.

Clickbank is free and anyone can sign up and start promoting their products.

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What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is basically a funnel building software which is helpful for digital marketers. It helps you create high-converting sales funnels.

ClickFunnels is the best funnel building software in the industry right now and a lot of digital marketers use the product.

ClickFunnels is not free and will cost you $97/month. If you are noobie, this might be a hefty price for you, but chances are that you don’t know how powerful this software is.

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What’s Similar Between Them?

Both ClickBank and Clickfunnels have an affiliate marketplace where you can promote their products. This is the only similar feature between them.

ClickFunnels affiliate program gives out 40% in commissions. There are more than 10 products for ClickFunnels.

You could market and sell the ClickFunnels software and earn as much as $38 per sale. And moreover, if your customer stays for a while, you get the $38 every month until he stops using the software.

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How to Promote ClickBank Products Using ClickFunnels!

Most affiliate marketers use both ClickFunnels and ClickBank. They combine both of these and creates a high converting sales funnel.

So, This is how you can do it:-

Selecting an Affiliate Product

Depending upon your niche, select a product from ClickBank. Since my Niche is on “How to make money online”. I chose an affiliate training program.

Find a Free Product

Now, you need to find a free product which you can give to your customers so that they sign up on your email list.

You can find free products on The free product must have some connection with your affiliate product.

Create a Landing Page

Sign up on ClickFunnels and create a Landing page.

ClickFunnels provides a lot of templates. If you want, you design one like the below template.

ClickBank Vs ClickFunnels

Setting up Email marketing

You will also need an email marketing software. This will help you send automated emails to your contacts in the email list. I recommend GetResponse.

Sign up for 30-day free Trial on GetResponse. I believe within 30 days you can get a sale and then pay for software like these.

Connect both ClickFunnels and Getresponse.

Now, you need to create an email list and set up automations so that for each person that signs up, you would need to send the free product and an email promoting your affiliate product.

To Create a List, head over to the menu and Click list, then click on Create a list. Input any name and click create.

Next thing is to create emails, To create an Email go to Drafts-> create a newsletter. We need 2 messages/Emails as of now.

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Create the first message here telling about your free product and attach that free product to that email.

Now Create another message promoting your affiliate product. This email should contain the Clickbank product with its affiliate link.

The next thing to create is automations.

For that, you need to navigate to Automations and create a new workflow. Click Build from scratch.

Click on Subscribes, then from the right menu, click on “Select List”. Then select the list that you created above.

Your Workflow should look like this.

Then Click on Add Elements and select send a message. Add this to the workflow. Click on that element and select the email you wish to send. Repeat this same step for the next message.

After this, Go to ClickFunnels and click on the landing page that you created. Select settings and click on Integrations. You should select Getresponse and then click on the email list you created above.

Once all these have been set up, This is what happens

A visitor lands on your page, He signs up to receive the free product. You send the Free product through your mail. Once the product has been delivered, You send out emails promoting your affiliate product. Your mode of marketing will look similar to this-

Do not send the emails every day, This will make your leads unsubscribe from your email list. Play it safe, Send emails once in a while.

If your leads arent buying from you, start promoting different products through your emails.

This is a great way of marketing and people have made huge profits. But, this all happens only if you have a minimum amount of traffic coming to your landing page.

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How do you get the traffic?

Instagram, Facebook, answering on Quora are some of the ways to get free traffic to your landing page.

But, if you want to scale up, you could advertise on Facebook and bring in a huge amount of leads.

ClickBank VS ClickFunnels : Conclusion.

ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace and ClickFunnels is literally a sales funnel software which can help you sell digital products or services.

Although both of them have an affiliate marketplace in similar, they both are quite different in other aspects.

But, when you put both of them together, You get a powerful digital marketing tool which can help you make money in no time.

Hope I have helped you in this Clickbank VS ClickFunnels Comparison.